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For those who conquered world before 1000bc....

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  • For those who conquered world before 1000bc....

    Cheating isn't allowed my friends.

    Shaka Naldur:

    Are you trying to sell me a story you conquered small map on deity with 9 archers and one chariot? Without Sun-Tzu and only one barracks?
    Your continent isn't V-shaped. Your exploring is V-shaped. What a coincidence. Your archers went straight for most distant civs.
    Casualities=1 archer and 1 chariot.

    Sorry,but i've played tons of such games and you cannot fool me.

    With revealed map and reloading bad events i can make it about 2500bc. 3000bc if Ai's are close to me.

    Next time try fair game and send me results.
    My life, my rules

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    Mieow!!!!! Sounds like you're about to start a ***** fight there with that one Smartfart!!! But i wholey agree with you, if you're going to play with a game where you reload bad events, you may as well be playing in Warlord!!!!!

    I'll have to take your word about the map Shaka played on because i don't think i can open it on 2.42 but certainly not at work anyway!!!

    It's a real shame that someone doesn't/hasn't written a program that disables the save game option, turning the game into a shareware style-esq idea!!!! but then you shouldn't need to have to insist on something like that...
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    ...and we build an Academy for this guy... :confused:


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      okay, Smartafart, take a good look at the map, I open an archer hut in 3950bc and i decided to move it north, I found a river and I follow it, when I arrive to the xinese they still didn't have phalanxs so we both agree that it was really easy to conquer, right?
      I decided to keep going North and then I follow the other river that takes me to the cartaganians, do you see it the map?????
      by then my archer was already veteran and the only defense of the cartaginians was a phalanx I kill the phalanx he produced a warrior the warrior attack me and and I destroy ed the city, (this archers was the one in 32,20)

      by the same time I took another river to go North in the other side, the one Norht of seville and after moving a little more there is another river to until Leipzig, and there there was a Phalanx and is where I lost the chariot, I kept moving north and I conquered the other with another veteran archer (in the conquest of Leipzig),
      the other german city was a little more north than Leipzig so it was really closed to the Russian city, that is the irrigation square in front of a lake that you see, after I conquered the second german city the a russian units appear so I just follow it,
      It was a civilization left and I knew it was the xinese because they contact me in the hill 54,12 in the istmus near Shangai (the archer that is sleepingis the product of the meeting) so that is why I have a few archer moving east, that it is because I didn't know where to put where they where in the east,
      I think that I have luckky rivers just in the directions of the civilizations aaand I began the conquest so early that I found the firsts cities without phalanx, also really lucky because I tried it again in another small map and I conquered it by 500AD

      take a look at the rivers in the left side and how close the cities are in the right side (there was another german city north of leipzig)

      Lucky I guess but not cheating

      tell me what do you think
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