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Let the AI advisor get the job (at least until the next turn)

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  • Let the AI advisor get the job (at least until the next turn)

    I really don't know if this was mentioned before but it happens to me a lot.

    Many times I leave a city building caravans to help the Wonder building effort. When the wonder is finally built and there is no new one in sight i usually stop caravan production and head for city improvements.

    As you know there is a 50% penalty for changing production between units/improvements/wonders. That is true unless you let the AI decide which is the next thing to produce. Then the game rewards you for taking the poor AI out of unemployment and you do not get the penalty!!! Great isn't it

    Even if the suggested improvement isn't exactly what you wanted you can change it but only in the next turn. I often try to do it in the same turn and get the penalty warning again (even if i choose the same improvement!!!).

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    Are you sure that there's no penalty, or is there just no warning about a penalty?


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      I'd be surprised if there's no penalty. On the other hand, the switch penalty is only a factor above certain game levels, isn't it? Or am I completely wrong?

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        Frankly, I think that there is a misunderstanding here. The 50% penalty only occurs if you change the production type after the building has begun. You're penalized for changing production midway. You incur no penalty for switching the type of construction after completion is finished, i.e. when your construction box is empty.
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          Ecowiz, cool find. I'll have to try it out. It seems entirely plausible - the AIs don't penalize themselves when switching, and when you go Auto production, you are using the AI engine.

          Can you usually rely on the AI switching from Freights to Improvements?

          Would also useful for switching from surplus spaceship components.

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            I think the bug was fixed by a patch.


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              I'm pretty sure this bug happens and is not only a "no warning" bug. I seem to recall changing the production from caravan to an improvement with already 2 sheilds spend in production and, by changing it through the AI advisor i kept 2 shields. Next time i use it, i will make sure of that.

              About the patch, I already installed the only patch there is here in Apolython for ToT. Is there another one?

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                I'm really embaraced!
                All you guys that doubted are completely right. When changing to the AI advisor the penalty exists but you are not warned about it (kind'a misleading advertizing - and I did it too )
                So disregard everything about this post. Better yet; Ming you may delete it totally because it may be misleading.

                Sorry about it guys.

                The only good lesson to take form this is that there is no use for the AI advisors