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About World War II scenarios....

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  • About World War II scenarios....

    I've played almost all the scenarios about wwii in the web possible and I found that all are too easy for the axis powers.
    The conquest of London is really easy, just with a few bombers in Amsterdam and a few battleship London falls really easy and afterwards England is just a piece of cake.

    Also the Nazis didn't have all that huge production in the late years of the wars and they were running out of gas so that's why the needed to conquer the Caucasus so badly.

    The conquest of Russia is also easy, the nazis were technological supperiors to the russians and this is usually really good represented in the scenario but that also means that is really easy to crush the russians with the nazis.

    also the Americans never have an important role in those scenarios if AI controlled (in 2194 of captain Nemo is the best job done by American AI in a wwii scenario)

    Anyways I'm not critizing all the wwii scenarios I'm just asking for suggestions to make it more challenging for the Axis power.

    I have to say again that the scenario of wwii are pure art, specially those by John Petrosky, Harlan Thompson, Captain Nemo and Alex and his red front

    What can we do there to make them more challenging???????????????
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    There is a forum devoted to the Scenario League on this website that addresses such queries as yours.

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