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Many Questions, Part II

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  • Many Questions, Part II

    Ive got a problem playing OCC9:
    At the beginning, i trade as many techs as possible, and also find quite many in huts.
    For some reason, my research takes up to 45 TURNS!!! wth? I read Pauls OCC strategy hints, and after gaining some knowledge again , I gave all tech away that was wanted by the AI, but still 45 turns! What shall I do? Is there a formula to compute the turns you need for inventions?
    What is the current OCC record?
    Please answer asap!! Ive got to play that OCC9 game SUCCESFULLY

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    The jump in beakers required for the next advance is pretty big early in the game. 45 turns would not be uncommon if you have just gotten 10 techs from tade.huts, and you still have a size 3 or 4 city.

    A useful strategy is to not tip too many huts or trade techs with the AI until after you have discovered Monarchy. Monarchy is a very important advance, and it will hurt if you don't get it early.

    That being said, you are playing occ9, where there are plenty of huts to find. My advice to you is to keep hunting goody huts agressively. You will be able to get the eseential early techs like trade and construction this way. With a city size of 12, you will find the turns per tech falling to below 10, which is much easier on the soul. Then, before you know it, you will be making discoveries every 2nd turn.

    So hang in there. Good luck

    edit: In a non scenario, Paul managed a 1645 landing.
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      Well, I just want to say that it really sucks! Getting less science output by advancing your civilization doesn't really makes sense, does it?

      Weird...that's what it is....


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        Richard X

        Actually, it does. You actually could'nt expect to be easier to decipher the human genome than it was to discouver how to use the fire, don't you (heck, the first one was discouvered by accident ). Try to figure things out without our precious computer. If discouveries happen much quicker nowadays is because there are much more people investigating and much more resources devoted to it. That's like the beaker's increase as our civilizations grow bigger, older, and wyzer (!?!).

        See,life is just like a Civilization game


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          Too bad you can't reload parts of it, though...



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            Originally posted by Carolus Rex on 05-25-2000 02:02 PM
            Too bad you can't reload parts of it, though...


            Or save it before an important decision and restart if you get an unfavourable result!

            Jim W


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              D***, that's the millionth reload and I still haven't won that 100 million lottery jackpot.
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