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1001: A Space Odyssey Challenge

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  • 1001: A Space Odyssey Challenge

    This is the logical companion to the BC Bloodlust Challenge. IIRC, somebody was once able to land in 960AD, but I don't recall the rules or settings. Given current OCC finish dates this would seem doable, though you will clearly need more than one good city site.

    Proposed settings:
    Small World
    Random Map
    Restart Eliminated Civs (they keep half their techs)

    Proposed Rules:
    No reloads
    No rehome caravans

    Anybody have a board they would like to offer as a start? (I will look at home tonight.)

    Any thoughts on possible strategies? I wonder if 3 billion years, large continents, wet (plus a decent starting location) might give the best chance for favorable terrain.

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    I believe the record is 1075ad, and it belongs to arii. That could be old, and it might have been broken by now, but he used an ICS approach (I think). Not sure what size his map was, but he had over 60 cities at the time he launched.
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      I'm in!

      Comparison games would be interesting.



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        Well, I just posted my first ever scenario. I offer it as the first SOC (Space Odyssey Challenge) scenario. The thread is here, Enjoy!

        edit: oops, added link to thread.

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          John has a scenario ready to go.
          I have a true random board I propose as the next candidate. Small, 3 bil, wet. Sweetest start I have ever seen: 8-9 square river, four specials (IIRC, 2 gold, iron, silk), all in the middle of a four-hut pattern. Think I will download it and frame it...or else donate it to OCC.
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          Old posters never die.
          They j.u.s.t..f..a..d..e...a...w...a...y....