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Setting the game level?

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  • Setting the game level?

    Is it possible to change the game level during play?

    Suppose I want to play a saved game, but at a different level from which it was created. Is there a way to do that?

    Also, how do you know what level you're playing at after play starts?

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    If you open the cheat menu you have an option to save the game as a scenario. (.scn) Then you can start the scenario at any level you want.
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      Gothmog wrote a program, CivFix, that will allow you to change it in the middle of the game. Its on his site.


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        If anybody downloaded this program previously, don't use it The old versions (1.1,1.0) had a bug that would disable the barbarians. Version 1.2 will corrects this.
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          Thanks for the pointer; it looks like a useful program.

          Related question: is there a way to tell what level I'm playing at during the game? I looked through the menus but couldn't find anything that showed the current game level.


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            Here is a way, but there is probably a better way out there.

            Save the game.


            The last screen out of all the retirement information screens (the one that shows your score) will also show the level of difficulty.
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              When you save the game and/or when you load one, the banner on the civ dialog box says the difficulty level. For example, when load, it comes up with a dialog box that says your name and year (I think). Look at the top part of the box. I think it's the same thing for the save game.