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  • Civ2 and CtP

    I posted an ignorant question over in CtP2-General asking about the historical elements of that game. Our friend Paul and Narck responsed that CtP starts in 4000bc and goes to 3000ad. I had assumed that CtP was all scifi/fanstasy nonsense. Since they said that the start is the same as Civ2, what are the differences between Civ2 and CtP? Did they improve upon the strategic gameplay? And what about scenarios?

    OK, enough ignorant questions for the day.

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    The city interface is an improvement, the graphics are errr more 'modern' - the game play is much poorer (all IMO of ocurse).
    My copy has only had about six hours of play.

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      I don't own CtP, but I had a discussion with pchang65 the other day that is making me wonder about getting it. He contended that out of the box it was a disaster, but after a ton of collective tweeks the challenge of the game & the AI is actually much better. pchang is a professional programmer, and lifelong gamer, and I count his opinion on such things. I haven't looked around for the Apolyton patch, but it is making me think about giving it a second chance.
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        After reading a few threads, you were right about 'a ton of collective tweeks'. Just wondering if it's worth the trouble then. Also, Sten, what was your understanding on histrorical scenarios with CtP?


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          Hi folks, its been a while.

          My advice would be to forget you ever heard the words Call to Power and run, don't walk, in the other direction. It is the buggiest most badly running nonsense I have ever seen. Trade, diplomacy and combat are all inferior to Civ II's. I must confess, Civ II is my most played game but CtP is just a mess. Even if there had never been a Civ II I would still hate it.

          Honestly, its dreadful.





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            Thanks, john, forget I brought it up. It's just that I was little intrigued by the CtP2 screenshots. Still no reason to stray from Civ2....

            Oh, welcome back.


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              Just a follow on...

              I read a few posts in CtP looking for info on game play, and I realized for the first time that the AI is programable. Somewhat more complex than changing the rules.txt in regular civ, but also more flexible.

              To the best of my knowledge, using WesW's improved AI package, no one has been sucessful at an OCC yet.
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