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  • Partisans

    I toyed with an interesting tactic for those partisans that emerge after you conquer a modern civ, especially after the capital city is taken.

    Spies can buy them off for like 167 gold each. I prefer to think of this as a peaceful surrender, in imaginary terms, over a forced massacre. Once co-opted into your army, these units, the only ones who can fight while ignoring ZOC's, are useful for exploration, barbarian countermeasures, and general activities to support front-line troops.

    Any other thoughts on partisans?
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    Bribing them sounds like a good idea. Ill try it next game.


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      why not just avoid them all together or at least allow them to appear in minimul numbers so that bribing one is an option and killing another on easy terrain is the other.

      Its an expensive bribe to pay that much for a unit which in reality does even less than your spies already do for you.... ie ignore zone of control........ just a thought


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        1) It's not always going to be 167 gold. It's going to depend on how much money your opponent has.

        2) Are you going to buy 10 partisans when they jump out from a huge city??

        3) I think just using a fighter (or equivelent) to take care of the stragglers and using power offense units (artillery, armor, howitzers) also work just fine.


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          I don't run into partisans very often. However, I'm playing an AI game where I permitted the 2 AI's to get into the middle game slightly ahead of me in development to get some experience in warfare with Alpine units, armor, etc.

          When I started to win anyway, the AI's formed a pact against me. One went fundie and the other flips from Rep to Com. Actually, I'm losing my mind against this combo, but that is another story.

          My specific question is the Partisan units that are appearing. If they are on bare ground, I can kill a Partisan with a Fighter unit, but if the Partisan is on a hill, I can use up 3 fighters trying to kill it. The numbers don't seem to support this.

          Do Partisans have some defensive skill I don't know of, or is it that the AI is cheating again?
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            Thanks for the replies.

            I'm not suggesting that one shouldn't take care of partisans the old fashioned way, nor am I suggesting bribing them will always be at a constant rate. It's just an idea because I never deliberately build the things, anyhow.

            More fodder for discussion. What advances must a civilization reach to get partisans by special event, once a city is captured? Yes, one needs guerrilla warfare to purposely build partisans, but is this advance needed to create them by special event as well? It doesn't seem like it.


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              The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                I like to avoid partisans altogether. If you have a lrge enough frontline airforce, you just have to cover the city suares of the city to be occupied. The partisans have no where to pop up.

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                  Partisans become available to civilizations that *lose* cities with the advance of Communism (as noted above). However, I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot *more* partisans start popping out of conquered cities if their nation has learned the advance of Guerrilla Warfare.

                  Communism + Guerrilla Warfare = Craploads of partians

                  That's just MHO, anyway.


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                    ..and when on occassion they appear in numbers, I take Sand's advice and rake them all with a Fighter.


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                      Cave: I've noticed the same thing about the defensive capabilities of the partisan. Generally, when they pop up they instantly fortify and depending on your stronghold in the area will remain fortified for a few turns, even when the city walls are not rebuilt after your attack to capture the city. That could account for the fact that they seem a little tougher. They defend great, especially on high terrain, but can't seem to do much when on the attack. As previously stated, fighters are great to knock them off, but sometimes they're a little too well fortified. That's when I bribe. If one pops up on mountain terrain I'll bribe it to secure that position.

                      The 3x movement rate & ignoring ZOC can come in handy. I've actually tried to find better ways of using this unit lately. I think the partisan is underrated because we tend to ignore it. It has to have some real advantages.
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                        Originally posted by Xin Yu on 04-28-2000 12:40 PM
                        It is also interesting that when you occupy a city, the city does not necessarily go to chaos. It may depend on government type of your civ and the civ which lost the city. Anyone wants to test?

                        I've never seen this. What were the circumstances when you saw it? Was it MGE or CIV2? Mulitple player or single?


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                          2194 days of war scenario. Germany (fundy). When occupying Soviet cities (Communism) cities not go chaos; when occupying English (republic?) cities they do.


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                            I use a very usefull strategy:
                            First, you must make sure that your opponents have built railroads all over their civs, cause if they haven't, it doesn't work (when playing on easy levels, give them the technology).
                            Do not bother building a lot of airpower, however, build around 100 howitzers and arround 20 tanks, use the howitzers to blast the city defences (works even in king mode) and do not take the cities, only destroy all of the units in it then just move past. Try to do this to up to 9 or 10 cities in a turn, then move in with your tanks, destroy the partisans with your armor when they are on grassland on plains, and hit the ones on hills and mountains with your remaining howitzers.
                            The only problem(s):
                            - takes a long time to have the howitzers and tanks ready
                            - peace is difficult to acheive afterwards
                            - on the second turn, most of your units only attack once, but this can be fixed by building a barrack into one of the cities and getting all of your units in it to repair, but this is assuming that they do not break the peace and take the undefended cities or that they do not launch a nuclear missile on this city. (it is really annoying when you spend over 20 turns building this kind of army and when 50 of your howitzers get blown up so fast).
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                              I read it from somewhere that if your government is democracy or communism you get partisans when ANY civ discovered guerilla warfare.