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  • Help!

    I'm desperate for some help. every time I play civ2 i get bored. I'm always so superior that the games is just a waiting until I win.

    I especially hate the part when you have killed your greatest enemies and just go round and conquer the last Islands.

    Is it anyone who have any advice to me?

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    Try OCC challenge #7. Limit yourself to a single city, and try to get to Alpha Centauri first.


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      I agree... The One City Challange revitalized my interest in playing against the AI. There are some other good challanges too... like earliest conquest, no wonders, no attacking...

      Or, get the MP version and play against real people... not that's the true challange
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        try the HiRes mod.Its the same game but it looks different.A few new units also

        you want a challenge for SP?

        RED FRONT or 2,19- days of War(I can never remember the exact number)

        These are fantastic scenarios and very difficult.Even if you hate scenarios you'll like these.
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          I agree with Smash. 'RedFront 1.4' and '2194 days of war' are very good WWII scenarios, with innovative idea and terrific graphs.

          RedFront is very difficult and I spent hundreds of hours trying to figure out a way to make it easier. It is the only scenario I actually wrote a strategy for.

          You can play 5 civs in 2194 days of war (different settings), giving you different flavour.

          'Spartacus' is also good. It gives quests for you to keep up with the designer's imagination.


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            Scenarios are great for adding to the Civ addiction. Check out the Scenario League board here at Apolyton, they have some great reviews and can even help give you tips on designing your own scenarios.
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              OCC is a lot of fun. Although I have trouble downloading OCC games, I often just make my own with the map editor. It is a good thing to do once yoou're tired of playing the AI in normal games.

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                Try to build ALL the wonders at deity.
                Also, try a minimum sized world(25x40). You will get some challenging terrain. Try the purple civs, you might even get an arctic start.