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    I know there are a lot of tricks involving barbarians, but I want to get a full list of them. I already know two: one that everybody knows, and one that I made up. The ones I know are:

    1. The famous 'let barbs capture city and bribe barbs as they come out' trick. I never thought this was a great trick, as you could just bribe the city and build the units anyway.
    2. This one I made up. I had an ironclad exploring, and I happened to find the Souix. The Souix didn't talk to me, because I didn't have a land unit. So, I came up with a clever trick. I saw barbs landing outside one of their new cities. (Size 3 I think)
    I bombarded the city and let the barbs conquer it. Then I did that to another city. I left the situation alone after that. A long while later, when I built the Apollo, I found that the Souix were still working on techs like metallurgy, and they had only three cities. The barbs had eight. So, I killed the Soux with only two bombardments.

    Tell me if you know any more tricks with barbs

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    -- SilverDragon

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    We gave this topic a good chewing a month or so ago - look in

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