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The Pikeman's defense.

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    Again I am wondering about =2 or >=2

    After reading all of these posts I am still wondering about the pikeman defense as it is used for Anti-tank weaponry. In RedFront there is an AT gun that is 7a3d*1m 2h4f, the * being the pike flag. If I read this thread correctly the pike flag has no effect defending against a Panzer tank 10a6d4m 3h3f or something like that...

    Also in the RedFront scenario a partizan unit (IIRC) 4h4d1m 2h2f - all as road, could easily take out immoble zero attack placements like hedgehogs 0a18d0m 3h3f, and mobile infantry units 0a10d5m 2h2f. I am sure that I have some of the statistical details askew, but I have no idea why these zero attack units are susceptible to partizans...
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      That's because in Winter in Red Front Partisans have a higher attack and german units have a lower defense. Try attacking a Panzer with a non-vet partisan in summer.
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        SS: Look at the Misc.txt in your civ2 directory and you will find:

        partisan attack factor is vastly increased when attacking noncombat units (diplo, settler, caravan,...). Zero-attack units are considered non-combat in civ2. So your partisans rules the winter in RF.

        Mede units in Spartacus are partisans as well, so they can attack roman garrisons (0 attack) better than archers. They even had amphibious ability!


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          The pikemen's defense bonus only works on units with 1 hit and one hit point only.


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            N.D. -

            Well Im glad you cleared that up, becaus I was wondering. Would my pikeman get a x2 bonus against an Armor? An armor is in the 'horse unit' line. So, it wouldn't get the bonus. Anyway, if my pikes were ever up against armors, especially since I only have SP, I would never show my screen name here again.

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