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If you could build 1 wonder....

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  • If you could build 1 wonder....

    what would it be?

    Mich's right?Not me.I can build cathedrals.

    Right now,I would take Cope's.Science is most important to me.I think,in the right city,this the most powerful wonder.

    ask me next month
    The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu

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    granted. But you can build caravans and get trade and science that way too

    I would build Sun Tzu.... lasts along time... winning units are vets any new unit is a vet...... makes defense and offense a breeze while you perfect your cities.


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      Cop's Why Cop's? Why not IN's College?

      For me, it would be, hands down, Leo's Workshop. Not only for upgrading my defensive units, but turning all the settlers into engineers when I discover explosives.

      -KhanMan of the Sayen Tribe
      Odin, Thor, and Loki walk into a bar together...


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        spyvspy-I don't know if there is a bug in this, but many times my version of civ2 mp (1.3), fails to make new units vets, even if I have built Sun Tzu's (and it hasn't expired).

        Otherwise, Sun Tzu's would be my second choice...

        -KhanMan of the Sayen Tribe
        Odin, Thor, and Loki walk into a bar together...


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          really , i have yet to experience this bug???? oh well i am lucky i guess.


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            Cope's doubles science while Isaac Newton gives 50 % more.The civlopedia is wrong

            War Academy is one of my favs also.

            One bad thing about Leo's is new updates lose veteran status whether you have Sun's or not.Its not a bug

            Engineer update is one of the best
            The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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              Hoover Dam. Clean free power. YUM!!


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                Hoover dam most definately. There is no other. Well they are, but production is always top on my list. That is more important than population growth for me.


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                  The Statue of Liberty.
                  1) It offers Communism or Fundy centuries before these governments are available by research.
                  2) It eliminates the turns of anarchy during a change of government. This allows a quick switch from Democracy/Republic (for WLTPD to grow cities) to Communism/Fundy for the conquest of cities.
                  The OCC fans will have to choose Apollo.

                  SG (2)
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                    Adam Smith's Trading Co. 'nuff said.

                    ugh crud, why won't they fall prey to my Machiavellian schemes?
                    ugh crud, why won't they fall prey to my Machiavellian schemes?


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                      Hanging Gardens. Available very early, lasts a long time. Allows you to build infinite numbers of size two cities with no other improvements - perfect for a sleazer.


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                        People have mixed views on this one because some say a Navy isn't important. I think it a must because your ships will have a PERMANENT advantage over the rest of the other Civs. I don't want to argue the validity of a strong naval force, but I love 'em and Magellan's is a MUST HAVE!

                        Adam Smith is ok too because you can pump all those 1gold-per-turn improvements into your smaller cities for perfectionist desires. I can't remember, when if ever, does Adam expire?

                        I think the best Wonders are those which have no expiration date...

                        "Best if used before Metalurgy."

                        Aww, this one will expire soon, what's a rotten wall taste like?

                        I am the Ukrainian Anti-Pope!


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                          Leo, esp. in the way it upgrades military forces on the way to the front (which is a very cool sight). Sun Tzu a very close second.


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                            Adam Smith doesn't expire. The case for AS is strong. If you maintain 20 cities with an average of 4 1-gold improvements (Temple, Marketplace, Library + 1 more) for 200 game turns, that's 20 X 4 X 200 = 16000 gold saved! However, its effects are diluted somewhat in later game since your maintenance costs start being driven by 4-gold Stock Exchanges and 5-gold Superhighways, not the 1 gold improvements.

                            Hoover Dam is powerful, but usually comes late enough in the game to not be decisive.

                            But for a Deity player, gaining Mike's Chapel is usually the watershed event for me. No other happiness wonder is so powerful - and it doesn't expire. It's my ticket out of Monarchy to the high growth, high science world of Republic and Democracy. By letting my switch to better a gov't, MC is almost like a science wonder too. Its effects are immediate since MC lets you fire all your Elvii and put them back to work.

                            A similar case can be made for HG, especially if you are building the science city. However it does expire with an advance that is truly useful to you.


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                              Definitely Copernicus' Observatory for me. The other wonders you can build improvements to achieve the same effect, or you can use caravans to achieve a greater effect. Copes makes a sizable difference early in the game. Early on, happiness can be handled with temples, markets and a bit of martial law. Copes will typically be enough to always be ahead in tech, which is a big key to winning the game!

                              Adam Smith's--use caravans for gold
                              Apollo Space Program--nah
                              Copernicus' Observatory--YES!
                              Cure for Cancer--oh boy...
                              Darwin's Voyage--Copes science gets you advances
                              Eiffel Tower--oh boy...
                              Great Library--expires, Copes is better for science
                              Great Wall--build walls instead
                              Hanging Gardens--martial law is likely enough
                              Hoover Dam--#2, but you can build plants...
                              Isaac Newton's College--only + 50% science
                              J.S. Bach Cathedral--not bad
                              King Richard's Crusade--not that good
                              Leonardo's Workshop--expires, maybe #4?
                              Magellan's Expedition--good if on a waterworld
                              Manhattan Project--no
                              Marco Polo's Embassy--use dips
                              Michaelangelo's Chapel--very nice indeed #3
                              Oracle--expires way too soon
                              Pyramids--use WLT*D
                              SETI Program--nope, way too late in the game
                              Shakespeare's Theater--#5
                              Statue of Liberty--#6, maybe #1 for Conquerers
                              Sun Tzu's War Academy--maybe #2 for conquerers
                              United Nations--very nice diplomatic power!
                              Woman's Suffrage--no