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    I have CivII, CivII Fantastic Worlds, and CivII Conflicts in Civilization. I hav seen some posts about the ToT Fantasy Game, with four maps, or something. It sounds cool, but I don't have it. Where do I buy it? Also, how does MultiPlayer work, and what is MGE? Multiplayer seems cool too so where do I buy it?

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    Test of time is kind of a re-working of civ2, but the big innovation is what you kind of mentioned - multi-maps.
    Basically there are three games in Tot, the original game, the extended original and the fantasy game )and the Midgard scenario).
    The extended original game sees you work to build your spaceship, and get to Alpha Centurai. However, when you get there the game doesn't end - you then have to colonize that (while keeping an eye on developments back on earth). Certain units can move between the two maps (visualise them lying on top of each other, so each square on one corresponds directly to a square on the other), and you can build transport points. However there is an extra (alien) civ who has had the whole game to get to work on Centurai before you get there.

    The fantasy and Midgard games have three or four (can't remember which) maps on top of each other.

    I can't tell you how well the multi-maps work in practice - having played nothing but the original game on Tot yet, but I hope that helps a little bit.
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      The ToT fantasy game has four superimposed maps, sky, surface, undersea and underground. It is an interesting reworking of civ2, becuase there are seven tribes that are very different. Each tribe has a number of units that only it can build. The tribes are also restricted differently in their access to the maps.

      The game also introduces some very powerful units early on (one of the first units you can build is a 6/4/6 flyer).

      If you search the ToT forum for my postings,and also read my aplyton column, you will find out a lot more about the fascinating fantasy game.


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      toby robison