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  • Whales

    Is anybody of you aware that we consider hunting down whales one of the greatest things that can happen to your cities?

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    They are worth much effort. They will many times dictate where I build a city. But accomplishing a sustained yield harvest over 6,000 years! now thats a challenge!!!!

    The journey itself is the thing~Odysseus
    The journey itself is the thing~Odysseus


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      HsFB.... that is because whales speak your alien dialect
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        It's rumored that the whales are hunting the humans and are the cause of the sinking Trireme Syndrome.
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          Too bad you can't discover cloning technology and clone whales in civ like you could in real life
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            LOL@ Aurlius...... how true is this
            Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!


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              Well, games aren't perfect, I prefer corn over whales though--More food to grow on.



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                But no extra trade from it. Give me a four whale pattern and I'm in heaven.
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                  Ming i agree ..... whales rock and are IMO the best first square resource in the early game , maybe for every cities first square... not excluding the city one of course

                  Sire there is a city on a mountain up ahead..... its loaded with troops and a fort, what should we do???

                  Calm down son..... i have a tactical nuke right here for that civ cheater who put his city on a mountain.
                  Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!


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                    But no extra trade from it. Give me a four whale pattern and I'm in heaven.

                    Ming, I've searched the world over many many times looking for the elusive Quatro-Whale city location... The best I've found yet is 3 whales. Must the 4 be on a very small island, or skinny peninsula? How could the 4 whale pattern be found on a continental costal city?

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                      Whales often appear in lakes and inland seas.
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                        Go to the big world map. Ellesmere Island in the Northwest Territories of Canada often has four whales.
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                          FM Klesh:

                          On behalf of the collected peoples of Apolyton, and in recognition of your many years of distinguished service to the civ community; it is a distict honor to present to you a complimentary link to the four whales save.


                          This is the zip file of the "Famous" four whales location that was used for some OCC games.

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                            In Homer Simpson Style,
                            Foreesssstt near a Whaaaallllleeee.
                            More Whaaallllleeeeees.
                            More Drooooolllll.

                            Always a primo city location. No sucker can camp on the whale to piss you off.
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                              yes i like coast for that reason...... i figure the extra trade in coastal cities is well worth the risk of dips stealing my tech.... usually it works out ok and your laughing if your inland cities are by lakes where the whales are bountifull
                              Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!