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the Science advisor and alphabetical listings

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  • the Science advisor and alphabetical listings

    In the original game, the science advisor shows the list of advances you have researched in alphabetical order. In the fantasy game, the items seem to be listed in a maliciously random order that makes it hard to find what you have already researched.

    I assume the problem is that the items are listed in the slot order defined in rules.txt (original game is alphabetical, fantasy game is not).

    I would like to reorder as many of the advances as possible in the fantasy game, to make them mostly list alphabetically, but I suspect this would be a dismal task. How many of the advances must be left in position because the slots numbers are wired into the software?

    I know I would have to modify events.txt, because advances are referred to by slot number there. What other constraints will there be in changing the civ advance slot order?

    - toby

    toby robison
    toby robison

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    With the caveat that my experience is limited to v2.42 - I would stick my neck out and say - go for it - I don't think there is any other slot based hard wiring - but it will be interesting to hear what the real experts have to say on the subject.

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      Be careful. Gunpowder, ceremonial burial, and maybe some others are different. If a civ has gunpowder it cannot build any units prior to musketeers. If a civ does not have ceremonial burial, the temple has no effect. Check the scenario league's tips (link is on the bottom of this site) for details.