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  • Fundy-Democracy Conversion

    Okay, after I've taken all but one city under a fundy goverenment and have improved all my lands in farms. I switch to democracy and Jack up luxuries on 100% and my cities celebrate for a long time, while I try to balance my tax rate. I can only get about 600% and not the 1000% I see some people get under king, why?

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    You conquered all but one city; how many cities did you then have? Did you build the maximum size spaceship? Had any wonders been destroyed? Any pollution?


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      MBob - build as many cities as you can as well, to get really high scores you need to get close to the max of 255 (the max is 256 - 1 AI city.) Remember to double irrigate, clear cut the forests, transform hills to grassland and build supermarkets and harbors; you should be able to get all of your cities up to the high twenties in population. Leave your luxuries maxed when you retire and pull any unhappy citizens out of the work force since happies count for 2; content and specialists for 1.

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        You get a higher score at deity vs. lesser levels. Higher barbarian level, and a max sized spaceship help. More future tech helps also. As said before, more cities and max population is the biggest factor. Be advised, it is tedious to get there.