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    How many huts can you count on?

    Well, I did some counting...
    I started ten different games with normal map settings and varied land mass. I counted the huts. There were always between 45 and 50 huts. So now I know that there are aproximatly 50 huts in a standard game
    At least half is mine

    (that is assuming that they didnt change that in TOT which I play)


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      I accept the conventional view that the sciences from huts cease after Invention has been discovered. However, it would appear from the evidence of my current game(2.42), that you can still obtain Scrolls of Wisdom, unless YOU have the tech of Invention.

      I was researching banking - the Zulus had already obtained Invention (from a hut). A couple of turns after they obtained the research, I aquired Banking from a village.


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        Has anyone noticed this?

        On MGE when I tip a hut on tundra/glacier, if I get barbarians they magically disappear.
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          Yes, that happens, barbs disappear when they touch glacier, sometimes you will get the message of an uprising near a city and they won't be there because they formed on a glacier square.

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