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Wonders per City - Records?

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  • Wonders per City - Records?

    My current game as the Persians (World Map Med.) began with my settlers smack on the Ol' Mississippi. Lots of trade an pheasant I think. I decided to make the capital Persepolis the most glorious city ever.
    I expanded well early and was able to stay isolationistic (?) for quite awhile.
    In the mighty Persepolis we have:

    -Hanging Gardens
    -Sun Tsu's War Academy
    -King Richard's Crusade
    -Marco Polo's Embasy
    -Michelangelo's Chapel
    -Copernicus' Observatory
    -Magellan's Expedition
    -JS Bach's Cathederal
    -Issac Newton's College
    -Darwin's Voyage
    -Women's Sufferage
    -Hover Dam
    -Apollo Program
    -SETI program

    That's 16 Wonders in 1 City!

    To make it fun, I've given almost all my techs to the other civs so it's not too one sided. Now I'm rushing to build some expeditionary forces to take care of the Japanese and Siox. They are a little worried and have both started the Manhattan Project... that won't last long.

    Do others build this many, or have they?
    Does anyone see contradictions is building these certain wonders in the same city?
    This is unusual I think, most of the time a city may have 3 or 4 at the most.

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    Now thats a sweet city!

    If you were playing MP every "other" player would be putting a big bullseye on it.Course you would be so dominant that you would probably encourage intruders

    How big did that city get?Seems like all it has ever done is build wonders.Might as well build Shakes there too

    As far as science city is concerned,I would try to substitute the Collosus for King Richards
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      Now i would assume this is for deity, but.....

      When i first started playing on Chieftan, before i really knew how to play, i would build nearly ALL the wonders in one city. I didn't really know the difference between the wonders and i was just trying to see all the movies. But on my current level (King, but my next new game will be Emporer) i bet the most i have ever built is probably around 5 or 6.
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        I don't know how all you guys do this game at diety and emperor levels.
        This particular one is at prince, which is only the second time I've played that level(judging by the results I guess I should move up), but I never last on the higher levels.
        I was stuck at damn warlord for awhile, but I've learned alot from this site, so i've moved up a bit.

        PS- after awhile I was just building wonders to build them, for the glory of almighty Persia


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          Before I started playing OCC exclusively, I tried to have the top 5 cities all for myself. What I usually did was make my capital a super science city with about 5-6 wonders total, and have 4 other cities build 3-5 wonders each. The most wonders I've had in one city is about 8-9. The main thing I did was build my happiness wonders in different cities in case I ever lost one, but that was too cautious as I never lost a main city to the AI.
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            I am also playing on prince level but after hanging around at this forum for a while, this level is just too easy for me. In my latest game (the second on prince level) I managed to build ALL the wonders in the same city (Super Science City, of course).
            How did I do this? Well, finally I tried to do what everyone say: caravans, caravans and more caravans