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    The manual says something to the effect that if you surround an ai (presumably not allied) city for long enough the city will sometimes spontaneously defect to your civ. I've never tried to get that to happen. Has anyone? If so, what are the conditions to get this to happen, i.e., how do you "surround" the city and how long did it take?

    Another question, can this theoretically work against human opponents in MP? Hats off, of course, to the first person who accomplishes this against a human if it does in fact work.
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    It happened to me a few times in good old CivI. My empire was so glorious two, I think Zulu cities, defected to me within a few turns. I really enjoyed that.

    However, once I actually lost a city this way to the Germans. It was a real blow to my empire at that point.

    I've never seen this in CivII till now though.
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      in civ1 i too gained new cities and lost the occasional one to the ai.... it had nothing to do with surrounding the ai though.

      Often it would be a city somewhere far away form my empire and i believe the phrase went like this......

      "The citizens of _______ city admire the prosperity of ______ city ..... _______ citizens rebel _______ influence suspected."

      something along those lines and i have never seen it in civ2.... i dont think it exists like the natural disassters or replay
      all of which are a loss in civ 2 IMO
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        That's one thing I always wanted in CivII. I don't have CivI.
        When you've got a nation down to 1 city and you are about to conquer it, their leader will offer you all their gold in tribute and ask for your mercy. I always wanted a "We surrender and agree to join you" box...

        Crushing a defenseless cities gets old.