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  • Play 'What would you do!??' !!

    I have 5 starting locations, large map, random everything else. What would you do?? The first 5 or so turns. Would you explore, settle, move... ???
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    This is what I would do...

    A. I'd settle my first city right away. The food is great and a silk for trade. Lots of good land for growth and trade (with roads).

    B. Thats a tough one. Good growth land and a whale. I'd move to the right with one settler and see if any more specials are around. Prooobably settle in MP right there.

    C. Explore... say 'damn it! again!!'.

    D. I like rivers. Thats a good city site right there. I'd take advantage of the river movement and explore both ways.

    E. Move one settler to the north and the other onto the hut.
    If I never respond to you it's probably because you're on my idiot/ignore list.


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      A) Settle immediately where located, s site is about as good as it gets.
      B) Build in the middle of the shielded grassland, making sure you use whale.
      C) Take hut, what it yields. Build a road or two, and consider settling down.
      D)Take hut, and yes rivers make for excellent movement, but I'd settle on river after taking hut.
      E)Take hut, be glad for silk and settle down.

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        Very interesting.
        A penta-problem!
        I guess someone could write a whole book on the CIV starting problem.
        This is my way of civing:
        Looking at both settlers, I assume its a deity level game. I also assume its a 1x1x game.
        The A map:
        1st turn: I would move a settler [lets call it settler A] to the left (West), and settler B to NE, to the shielded grassland below the bananas.
        2nd turn: If there is an unshielded grassland to the left, A builts road, else A builds city and starts poducing an warrior with the silk tile. B builds road.
        3rd turn: A1: moves W to the unshielded tile, else A2: second turn building warrior (switching from silk to shielded grassland for the extra food, because 3 shields its a waste now). B moves to bananas
        4th turn: A1 builds city (rationale: extra shield, extra road, lost one turn. This deal will pay itself in the next turns), else A2 3rd turn building warrior. B buils city, starts a warrior.
        First tech: small map: horse, else alpha.
        The game is calling for me now. I will get back to this. Very interesting.

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          The B map:
          1st turn: A settler build a city, start a warrior. B settler: go south and build a road
          next turn.
          3rd turn: B settler: if good land down go there to build a city, else go east.


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            The C map:
            1st turn: A settler: go SW to hut.
            B settler: go NE to build a road
            2nd turn: A settler: go SW to build a road
            (unit from hut? if yes, go explore to the W)
            3rd turn: B settler: go NW to unshielded to build a city
            4th turn: A settler: go unshielded land to build a city


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              You didn't say where on the world these are located, i.e., on the equator, polar area, etc. They don't look polar so I'll assume they're more temperate zones.

              A - City NOW with first settler, 2nd settler heads east
              B - I don't see settlers so I'll assume two in this one also. 1st settler, city NOW, 2nd settler head east.
              C - Again, no settlers visible. 1st settler, go for the hut, 2nd settler opposite direction (actually I would probably restart the game)
              D - 1st settler go for the hut, 2nd settler NE up the river.
              E - 1st settler, city NOW, 2nd settler go for the hut.

              I like to establish the first city STP (Sooner Than Possible) to get a jump on development.

              Great question!!!

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              Frodo lives!


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                A.Good enough for me.Settle and head "up" to see if there is special pattern

                B.Whale is not bad but I would have a little looksy "right" and "down"

                C.Take hut(duh) and head "down".Maybe theres a whale near that water.

                D.Hut first and probably build on that forested river square.

                E.Hut and head towards the silk forest and hope for special pattern

                Actually in the cases of B and C I would request a restart cuz I don't have any settlers.
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                  All are viable starting positions, with the possible exception of C. I like D best. I would explore a bit with all, starting with the huts. I like the river start which gives defense and trade, but I like to have some shield producing potential to build wonders with.


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                    A: prime starting position. Can't get much better for a start

                    B: Grassland good enough for food source, and shielded grass good enough for production. I'd build on the unshielded grassland.

                    C: horrible. Plains aren't very good until terraformed. move to right try to find special with those 2 shielded grasslands.

                    D: well the grasslands can provide food and shields but I would still utilize river to look for special bonus square.

                    E: Yeah I'd build there. 3 shielded grasslands for early production along with forest (which has early trade) and grassland can provide sufficient food.