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  • Average Dates for mortals!

    Congratulations to Paul, Dave V and arii for their recent outstanding successes. The Scouse (Liverpool) saying “gobsmacked” is all I could utter when I read how the records had tumbled.

    However, for more primitive civilisations, is it possible to suggest some respectable dates we can hope to achieve? (Some kind of standard.) At the moment I play, Deity, large world, raging hordes. All terrain differences are at default settings. (Not OCC.) In short, if I land at AC in 1850 is that OK- or should try harder? Also, what would be reasonable targets for medium and small worlds?

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    Good questions! I'd also be interested in hearing from the group on all counts. I can't imagine landing before 1900 on Deity.
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      No 1850 is great.Real early landings need a combo of things to go right.Good terrain is important.Getting alpha from a hut while you are researching it.Meeting other civs and their subsequent attitude afterward.Having the right tech available when asked what to research next...etc.I'd say you are doing fine.
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        I haven't played anything but small maps for ages, so I can't speak for medium and large maps, but anytime in the 19th century is really good. On deity and emporer there are only 225 turns until 1800, 25 more to 1850 and then 50 more to 1900. Arii's record is in something like 160 turns, and Paul's OCC is in 230 or so. (If I can ever land in the 18th century, I'll be thrilled!)

        If you are going to make AC your primary focus, you should be able to join the 19th century club. Just remember the words of jpk:

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          Gettings those kind require a lot of optimisation and micromanging. I spent 30 min the last turn of my record landing to make sure that I could finish the space ship the turn I discovered fusion powered selling and disbanding to get as much ressources as possible.
          Larger maps take longer and 1800 are good landings. We all started there before reading those forums.