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Should you go/ not go after the hutts

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    XY - Good point re the worker trampling on the hut. I'll bear it in mind. Luckily, on just about every occasion it's happened, either the hut hasn't been on valuable ground, or I've got a river, which the worker automatically descends upon.

    Re relading. I used to do it, too. Eventually, once your skills improve, you realise you don't need to do it. I think someone - possibly Smash - once put the thought that the quickest way to improve your skills (apart from practice) is reading these forums. There's such a wealth of incredibly good information and experience.

    Mono Rules!

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      One last point is that if you only have your capital any barb unit that attacks it will lose. I don't know if there's a time limit on this, and it seems to carry over a little with 2 cities (but only the capital gets the bonus), but I've watched my lone warrior take on 2 chariots without worry.
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        I always tip a hut. My question is this. I'm still relatively new to Civ 2. I'm on maybe my 15th game, second one at the emperor level and will probably win this one hands down. BUT, (and that's a big but), I... cheat. I save before entering a hut and if I don't like the outcome, I "revert" to the saved game. I know, I know. I'm probably not playing a "pure" game. BUT (there it is again), as I move up a level in difficulty, I get killed if I don't do this. Now if I went back to, say, prince or even king level, I'd probably be able to hold my own now. My question is this... should I just bite the bullet and stop this practice right now or will I eventually grow out of it naturally? And of course I would never dream of doing this in a MP game if that's even possible.
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