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Most Stupid stratergy encountered in MP

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  • Most Stupid stratergy encountered in MP

    I was playing a game with 4 strangers the other day, and this one guy wouldn't talk to anyone and sent an army (of horses and warriors) to attack everybody else. His science was woeful, his cities lacking infrastructure, with no roads or irrigation and no city improvements.
    After nearly destroying one Civ early on, the rest of us ganged up on his unsociable game attitude and wiped him out before 1 AD. The pateince we applied in getting better troops by concentrating on science wiped the floor with him. All I can say is this the stupidest strategy anybodies ever come across?
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    Sounds like someone who's never played the game before. Probably figured he could hit you all early, fast, and (sort of) hard, set you back so that he could get a big lead.

    He won't do it again, will he?


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      Some times your starting position dictates an early strike approach. If you have no trade, terrible land for your starting cities, a few free units and a military science from huts ... what the heck. You might as well go for it. If you are going to be so far behind in the science race, you might as well have fun.
      But... Horses and WARRIORS! And not talking to people! HA HA HA HA HA HA. Warriors, used as warriors... Even funnier. He should have at least been talking to people, even if he was just go to lie to them.

      Well, I guess you have to start somewhere to learn how to play MP.
      Keep on Civin'
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        I bet it was fun. I wish more people would fight. Toadkiller was good for that. I mean, we all know what science to research, what improvments to build and everything else. I've been in some boring games where everyone just races through the science ladder. Thats fun, weeeeeeeeeee!
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          We know we can always count on your to liven up any MP game MWHC...

          And why don't you play anymore? We miss your true dedication to the art of war (usually at the expense of your civilization )
          Keep on Civin'
          RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O


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            Here's something stupid I'm up to in a current duel with kengel.

            We start out and I'm doing fine. When we met on the map I offered a peace treaty, don't ask me why, and kengel accepted. Because it's a duel (or that's what it's supposed to be ) I then built lots of units, mostly crusaders.

            I send them over to kengel's empire, embark and have a settler building a fortress on a hill (only one square from Der Udal, size 12 city). When finished I stack the 10 or 12 crusaders with a couple of phalanxes and a diplo in the fortress. The city has no walls and is now within reach.

            Then I wait and I wait and I wait and I wait. Why? Because we have a peace treaty!

            MWHC: "So what? Sneak attack!"
            CR: "I can't!"
            MWHC: "Why not?"
            CR: "I just can't, I'll feel bad about it."

            MWHC: "Then cancel the peace treaty!"
            CR: "Why, he hasn't given me any reason to?"
            CR (looking down in the ground): "..."

            MWHC: "Why did you offer a peace treaty in the first place if you know you can't break it later?"
            CR: "It seemed to be the right thing to do."
            CR: "Well, I'm thinking about going for Alpha Centauri now..."

            So now I'm sitting back waiting for him to sneak attack me while considering going for AC. Kind of boring to ship the crusaders back and disband them, but...



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              ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing or run over those french lads.

              CRoi - Now I am sure that the purported Viking attacks at Lindesfarne were really just a big fat Irish lie!!! Charles XII, he was a travelling minstrel. Gustavus Adolphus? Why he was a simple farmer and the botanical inspiration for Linius. The Vasa? That was just a scientific experiment in keel hauling!

              of course ~Birdtide~ would have attacked with the Phalanxs since Crusadiere sounds like a French word!

              If kengel knows you are there, fortified units in a city radius is an act of war so you are already violating the peace treaty!


              I regularly do stupid things in a civ game, strategywise some of the dumb things I've done are - adding caravans to a wonder that is already completed; wandering around looking for a capital city site without adjacent mountains for twenty turns in a duel; agreeing to trade techs when I didn't have my side of the bargain; forgetting to switch to the correct wonder before completion...etc, etc, etc.
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              Be the bid!


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                Carolus, haha.
                I guess for an experienced player that is kinda of a stupid way to play a duel.
                Some times you just have to stop being nice and snatch the other guys teddy bear to gain his respect. Otherwise, you'll be the guy handing his dinner money to the short little thug who's mother didn't love him and only respects a sharp hard slap.
                You've made me chuckle anyway, and it's almost the exact opposite of the original posting.
                Keep up the good work in your one man crusade against violence.
                GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, join the Carolus society of victims
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                Follow your spirit, and upon this charge Cry 'God for Harry, England and Saint George!


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                  I recently had 2 of my coastal cities attacked by a fleet of empty triremes.What a slaughter
                  The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                    Great posts! Where to begin?


                    You're right, I didn't think of units in a fortress within the city radius as an act of war. Swear to God they were only trying to, eh..., recruit new members to my society (see above)

                    Your knowledge in swedish history truly is amazing. I really mean it, even though the post above is just a little bit, hm, misleading.

                    Is ROTFL really short for "rolling on the floor laughing" (or are you just taking advantage of my limited knowledge in chat abbreviations? )?


                    Great idea!

                    C'mon everybody! EVC don't be shy, Joe stop sitting all alone in the corner thinking about the jews controlling the media! Join hands, all together now:

                    "All we are saying, is give peace a chance..."



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                      Peace... IT'S A STRATEGY GAME!

                      KIll the bugger!
                      Keep on Civin'
                      RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O


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                        Well I agree fighting may not be the best way to go but most games are never continued anyway so you might as well have some fun. Every now and than you get lucky and take a city (great fun!).

                        I'll attack when I think I can cause damage to the enemy civ. If you dont like a good war you might as well just play the AI.

                        Still working nights, thats why I have not been around to play... maybe next month.
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                          You did a good job... I'm sure MWHC would say all those things.

                          But now, I must nominate you for stupidest strategy in a duel MP game.

                          A FRIKEN PEACE TREATY!!!!!!!!
                          WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????
                          And please don't tell me that you traded maps with him too

                          WIMP. BREAK THE DAMN TREATY... KICK HIS BUTT. KILL HIM... IT'S A DUEL!

                          I feel better now
                          Keep on Civin'
                          RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O


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                            Thinking??? I just wanted to be nice to the man!

                            I wanted to trade maps too (not), but for some reason he declined. I don't get it, why doesn't he want to see where my cities are so he knows he can't settle there?

                            Any other nominees?

                            BTW, what is ROTFL short for?

                            Carolus the Wimp


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                              How many times have we played now Ming? I know how you play like a book. I know just the science you go for, what wonders your building and all the things you do. Your a good player but kinda like an AI in terms of what you will do next. Of course when it works for you it works very well.

                              Now, on the battlefield, thats where things are fun. How many big battles have you been in Ming? By big I mean 15+ units working together not in a city. My first MP attack was against Rah with 3 or 4 ships and 12+ units (carvels and knights I think, it was awhile ago). Our landmasses where some 10 sqaures away. Now, I didnt take any cities but that was a fun 5 or 6 turns. I made a couple of bad mistakes.

                              What I have found is direct attack on the city is a waste for the most part. Most human players will build a city around 3 or 4 specials which, after time, the city really depends on. It's better to move in with a good defense unit, a good attack unit and a pre-worked settler. Pick a good resource sqaure, *poof* fort and take control of it. This requires a smaller army and forces the other guy to approach you and attack. And we all know the defender in CIV always has the advantage. It's better to starve a city a little first before you attack.
                              If I never respond to you it's probably because you're on my idiot/ignore list.