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OCC, for men.

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  • OCC, for men.

    Having now won an OCC, I have decided to take a turn at throwning down the gauntlet.

    This time it is OCC as usual, but you must sell your palace first thing, and you may never build another.

    I imagine that must be heading towards hard at chieften and impossible at diety.

    Any takers? I'm going to start trying.
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    I think Catullus posted on this subject a while back. Don't remember what the results were (if any).

    You can't sell the palace, can you? So how to get rid of it? What happens if you conquer an AI civ's city (excluding the capitol) without having any cities of your own first?

    What happens if you found the first city, let it be destroyed and then build another one?

    I don't know the answers, I like my palace and have never played without it.

    Tight schedule right now, have to pass.



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      yeah, your right. You can't sell it, you must replace it. If you capture a city before you build you own you never get one free, and you only ever get one free, so you would have to build a city, build another city where you actually want your town and then disband you initall city into a settler, who would then be attached rather a NON which would be an extra difficulty. Hmmm.

      I'll see if I can find Catullus's post before I spend any more time finding it is double hard.


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        Found your capital and then disfound it (build the settler before it grows), the found it again and Voilą, you have a city without a palace...


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          i once did that on a normal game, my dear other body, because i found out that the square just next to mine was a 4 special sweet spot.
          had to rush to masonry.

          Alien Infiltrate


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            I think the thread's name was "We don't need no stinking palace" (or something like that) and that the game rules were otherwise normal (no OCC).



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              Bah! I'll try that one first I think it sounds easier, I imagine democracy and we love you days will be the way forward.