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  • Productivity?

    In the demographics, there is one for productivity and I'm usually 6th or 7th. What does this mean? How can I increase it?

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    Originally posted by Jimmy Liu on 12-01-1999 02:10 AM
    In the demographics, there is one for productivity and I'm usually 6th or 7th. What does this mean? How can I increase it?
    I belive it is your total production of all your cities, but i'm not sure, at any rate, increasing your cities' production would increase your rank.
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      According to
      Productivity is shields - support per square in use...

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        This number seems to come from an average of what each worker is doing. It's based on how much stuff each worker produces (shields, trade arrows and food). Each sqaure can produce a lot. What each sqaure really produces each turn is effected by government type, roads, irrigation and things like that. Farms increase it yet again. Improvements like factories and off shore rigs increase this still. Anything that increases output of a given sqaure. This number (for the most part) is a range between 20 and 126. You can get it up even higher (166) with wonders, the colossus (trade arrows) and KRC (shields).

        So for each government type it's a different scale to gage how well your doing (or how well your people are bustin butt). In Monarchy a productivity of 80 would be very good. Specials really help increase this number. A low number might be saying your playing on dirt.

        Early into a MP game you can move workers around and watch the demographics. Sometimes you can get a pretty good picture of how others have started (in terms of what kind of land and resources they have).

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          If I remember correctly, productivity is [total shields produced + total trade arrows produced + excess food produced (ie, any food beyond the two food per person subsistance level)]/number of squares worked. Trade routes dont count in this calculation, nor do city improvements or unit support. Small civs tend to have high productivity since they are able to work only specials and other highly productive squares. If you are heavy on shield production (ie forest squares) your "manufacturing" will increase but your productivity will tend to drop. Working grassland squares and specials will tend to boost your productivity, but may not be what you really need to do. I like to be near the top in productivity, but IMHO it is more important to be #1 in manufacturing.

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