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  • Sharing world maps

    Yesterday, I shared my enormous map with the Persians for their very small one. I've always just assumed that it does not help the AIs at all when you share world maps. I figured that it was part of the AI cheat advantage that they didn't need it, and that even if they had your map they're not smart enough to do anything tactical with it anyway. But sharing the rich fruits of my exploring exertions with the feeble Persians made me wonder...

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    I think you are correct, (it hurts to say that ) the AI knows the map without having to explore anyway, so it doesn't hurt strategically to trade maps with them. Perfectionist civs like the Persians will not likely have explored a great deal of area, so in the early game, if you want to curry favor to get a good map, pursue good relations with an expansionist civ. Trading maps does seem to improve civ attitudes, so I do like to trade maps with perfectionists before trying to trade techs or ask for tribute/gifts.
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      I thought trading maps was a gift. I thought that it cost you a little goodwill to do it. I've done it a few times at "enthuisiastic" but mostly just at "worshipful."


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        I'm also certain that exchanging maps will improve that civ's attitude a notch.

        There is only one occasion where one shouldn't try to exchange maps as the first move, and that is when the civ asks you to be brief _and_ you're actually after a gift or a tech trade.

        It's also a good idea to try to convey Map Making to the AI civs early on, either as a gift or as a tech trade. It will improve their attitude, and enable you to exchange maps that much earlier.

        BTW, asking one civ to declare war on another - whether they accept or not - also seems to improve if not their attitude, then their willingness to give tribute. Even if you're just bluffing.


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          Winston - didn't know that about war requests, thanks.

          rt - I still haven't run the game in ToT, so they may have changed the effect of map trading from earlier versions. Trading maps is a lot harder in MGE than it was in v2.42. Speaking of gifts... I just got a GS hat in the mail today that says ICS on the back. I think it stands for Infinite City Strategy, but I'm not sure.
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            Sten - I interpreted ICS that way as well, but some people refer to it as "Infinite City Sleaze"...
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              IMHO the AI is more unreasonable in ToT too. I often find I have to kiss up a lot more to trade maps.