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  • The Dispso Challenge

    The "no city" challenge sounds relatively boring to me. How about this (must have been discussed before):

    (A) You must build a diplomat by some given year [pick the earliest possible year plus abiut five turns; I do not know what that year would be].

    (B) Once you have built a diplomat, you may never again build a unit with an attack value greater than zero.

    (C) no cheats, as per OCC.

    (D) you can win any way you want.

    Would this be feasible, and/or interesting?

    - toby robison

    toby robison
    toby robison

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    An odd game, to be sure. Would you like to try it? Does requiring a dip by 1200BC sound workable? I checked old games, but I don't often go to dips very early.

    I see a problem with sea-travel. The ships have offensive power, but you could get stuck on separate landmasses and not be able to built them to escape. Perhaps the Euro map should be used...

    I'm thinking on how I would proceed in such a game. Suggest a time to try this out... I'm EST
    Civ2 Demo Game #1 City-Planner, President, Historian
    Civ2 Demo Game #2 Minister of War,President, Minister of Trade, Vice President, City-Planner
    Civ2 Demo Game #3 President, Minister of War, President
    Civ2 Demo Game #4 Despot, City-Planner, Consul


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      (catullus enters trance)
      I'm having a vision of massive bribery of barbs here. Possibly even giving cities away to barbs just for snatching NONE units.
      Wait a second, a name forms in my vision. Leo something. Leonardo? Could that be it?

      Should be feasible. I've played OCC games without building any units between warriors and flight/mobile warfare.



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        I remember an old OCC (before Paul's age, when landing in 1950 was a record) where I didn't build any military units.
        I got 2 archers from huts, I fortified themin my city and then I used diplomats to bribe a lot of AI units.
        I had a big army of NONE warriors, turned into rifleman by Leo (yes, in early OCC Leo was considered a MUST HAVE wonder).