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Earliest landing with basic settings.

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    Full disclosure on the 1595 landing mentioned above: I followed Paul's OCC rules, but there were a few areas he didn't cover where I took advantages of quirks in the game.

    1) Repeating trade commodities. Trade was seriously messed up in this game - Berlin kept demanding Beads for most of the game, although I sent them several Beads caravans. I rush-built one caravan per year for a span of about 200 years, for bonuses of 200-600 (mostly on the low end of that range). Roughly a break-even proposition in gold, but certainly a boost to my science.

    2) Late-game warriors. I had several cities building warriors right up to the point when I traded for Feudalism. All of these were upgraded to musketeers or riflemen, at a low, low original price.

    I'm sure I could have done better if I were a better OCC player - for example, I completely forgot to build a research lab, and didn't sell off my redundant improvements until late in the game.


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      Please send me a copy of the log:

      How many cities did you build in addition to the science city?


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        Congratulation. That's impressive!
        It's good to see different and innovative approaches. Please include me in the mailing list: or icq me the file.
        I assume you got most of your science through caravans. Dis you use ICS to build tons of caravans, homing them to your big city and sending them all over the world?
        How was your science rate? Were you able to reach 1 tech a turn?


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          No, I didn't use caravan rehoming - I'm sure I could have trimmed a bunch of years off the final result that way. Most of my science really came from arrows - once I had my science city at size 36, it was generating 800 beakers/turn, even under communism (Einstein doesn't care what type of government he's working for). I never reached one turn/advance, but stayed at two turns/advance until I discovered flight. I gave away lots of techs to the AIs and traded with them for some key techs.

          Caravans from my border cities were used to build wonders and send food to my hungry scientists. I was able to generate WLY-style growth by sending a food caravan every turn.


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            If you didn't use caravans then that's truly impressive. I don't understand how you did it.
            In my games my science city was generating up to 1100 beakers and I was getting 2 techs a turn and sometimes 1 tech a turn with caravan help most of the game.
            Were the game options the same?
            How many cities did you have?


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              Sorry for not making myself clear. I *did* use caravans for trade, but only ones I built in my capital. And I built lots more than I was entitled to, because of repeating commodities. There were several times where a caravan made the difference between an advance coming in two turns or three turns, and a few times where I picked up an advance in one turn with caravan help.

              Game options were small map, Deity, raging, 7 civs.

              I've posted the log file as a new topic,