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Curious about research path to monarchy

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    The only way of having Monarchy as a fourth advance is playing chiefthain.

    i always research Bronze Working/C. Burial, writing/code of laws/Monarchy

    Alien Infiltrate


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      Yea, that really sucks, all those specials, all those free advances, all those pretty dancing girls........

      At least your second settler didn't get killed. Of course, neither did mine.
      "I think the advantages by the proposal which I have made are obvious and many, as well as of the highest importance."
      Jonathan Swift


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        So true... So true... That was a little unlucky for rah. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

        Thanks for monarchy last nite ally
        Hope to be partners with you again sometime in the future.
        Keep on Civin'
        RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O


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          Let's just say that when I sent the marketing messege (if everyone is quiet on the chat, somebody is a King...) and saw that you guys were both in Monarchy, I assumed you were allied and the race to MC was over for me. Knowing that RAH was down a settler and would probably stuggle for a bit; and with geographic deadends in my area and no sign of Makeo or winzity at the time I knew it was going to be a long, cold evening!

          I owe Makeo some cash - thx! btw: perhaps I could be considered an honorary Aussie for, in one calendar year, watching the Aussie rules final (LL), the Cricket WC final, the Rugby WC final, and going to an Australia/US soccer friendly.
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          Be the bid!


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            You are henceforth anointed an honorary Bruce. Arise, Bruce.


            Mono Rules!
            " ... and the following morning I should see the Boks wallop the Wallabies again?" - Havak
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