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I Beat the No City Challenge

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  • I Beat the No City Challenge

    I can't remember who started the challenge, but I thought it was interesting. I didn't comply to all the rules however. I used a small map, 3 civs, and Cheiften level. I think this was good for me because i can't even beat the game on warlord. But I did it, and I think it would be possible on diety level very easily.

    Science conquers all.
    Science conquers all.

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    I made it up, so go to:
    For the complete scoop.


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      I'm sorry to say, but if you cannot beat the computer on Warlord level, you are doing something extremely wrong.
      King difficulty, large map, 8 players should be an easy task...

      Mail me if you want some strategies and advice...
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        Methos - I am very interested in how you would recommend taking out all civs without having any cities on a large map. I have always had difficulty getting triremes from huts and bribing them seems tough without any diplos. Perhaps I am missing something here. Is there a way to teleport to islands without a boat? Also you reference eight players which must be a ToT thing, the max in v2.42, FW2.78, and MGE is seven?
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