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    I don't know if anyone play those scenarios that are found at this site, but I have a general question on one of them. I'm playing the English in the 'Discovery Age' scenario which starts in 1631, covering eastern N. American and the West Indies. The English has 4 cities on the east coast, sizes 4-5 and they can't grow very much. There are numerous Dutch and Eastern Indians cities also on the east coast, as well as two large French cities (Montreal and Quebec). The West Indies has numerous large Spanish cities with some smaller English, French and Dutch cities. There are only 80 turns in this game and it appears the only objective is to be the #1 ranked civilization. The English starts off at a weak 4th, with the Spanish, Dutch and E. Indians ranked above them. Science is not a factor and I have to stay at Monarchy.

    I played about 15 turns, shoring up the defenses of the cities and started to destroy the E. Indians cities and units one at a time. With very little room for growth and only can build a limited size army/navy, how in the world can I expect to be #1? If this makes sense, what should my general strategy be?

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    Don't be the English.


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      I'm not sure but I think I played the English in the scenario your talking about, and after a few tries had some very good success. I'll try and locate the save files and recall how I played it. I'll post again soon.

      BTW, if I recall correctly the Age of Discovery scenario was a lot of fun, very challenging (to me at least )


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        Thanks, I look forward to your analysis. I thought it would be challenge to play the English (Spanish and Dutch would be too easy). Afterall, the English did manage to build the most powerful civ in North America, I should expect no less.