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does playing other TBS make you a better Civ player

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  • does playing other TBS make you a better Civ player

    I burned out on Civ 2 almost a year ago, having reached a level where I could often, but not always, win on deity. (I prefer rational perfectionist, moderately pacifist approach)

    After burn out i spent a fair amount of time playing SMAC and Imp2. I couple of weeks ago i went back to Civ2, and, without really getting warmed up again, won a game on deity - by conquest, and not early, but not on a particularly favorable map either.

    SMAC seemed to have given me more tolerance for micromanagement, and Imp2 a better sense for outwitting the AI, I think.

    Anyone else find this?
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    I guess it can work in both directions. For example, I have MOO2 and when I play it I often find myself "translating" the game's features into Civ II terms to better "understand" the game. This is probably not a good way to play MOO2, but I still enjoy that game a lot.



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      Playing most of the old Avalon Hill games was very good to teach you the ZOC concept and how to take advantage of it in planning open field warfare.
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        I think I still see the mid-continent bottlenecks from "Blitzkrieg" clear as day in my nightmares...