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    Originally posted by Wharf Rat
    Trade also has an open ended, self growth factor... each delievery adds trade arrows based on the # of arrows in the sending/delivering city. You can 'grow' the trade value of certain ai cities, meaning that your own trade total will increase as will the delivery bonus for subsequent trades.
    IIRC the trade value used in these calculations includes only those arrows from the terrain, not the additional arrows from trade routes, so you can only grow the trade value of an AI city by improving its terrain.

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      Originally posted by Smash
      There is an old civ proverb I think DaveV first used:

      "When you can't think of anything to build,build some caravans.When you think you have enough,build some more."
      I would say:
      Give 200 shields to solo: he sure builds 4 camels.
      Give 200 shields to DaveV: he sure builds 5 crusaders.

      Dave, are you really the author ?
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        well somebody said it

        ...and if you give DaveV 200 sheilds,he builds 5 settlers
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          ... and they ain't for irrigation ...

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