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    Originally posted by Sten Sture on 08-15-2000 10:07 PM
    Then again, this free form periodic random argument thing is pretty fun

    We'd still have the best of both worlds with the organised manual and the onging freeform forum here.


    and we wouldn't really want to have all the answers would we?

    I reckon civing is like the fine art of cooking. You can get all the detailed recipes you want but unless you've got all that hands-on experience behind you, the manual won't guarantee your beating vets like Ming, rah, Xin name just a few.


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      The excellent guide that Paul (and helpers) has produced for OCC, could be a model for other areas of the game. Rather than expect somebody to trawl through thousands of archived posts and make a synopsis of them, it is better to let players write about aspects of the game that are of interest to them. Ming's cheat compilation is a good example.

      The draft document could then be posted for discussion. Then a 1000 years later the final wisdom would be placed in a locked thread. (A time limit of a month?)

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        Amen brother SG (2)!

        There is already a pretty good strategy guide to The Early Game, A beginner's guide to deity I think. OCC is already wrapped up by Paul, the cheats 'n tricks by Ming et al..

        On the fine art of Demanding Tribute I propose Ming the Merciless as author. He should have plenty of time now that he doesn't need to chase posts to become a deity!

        On Sleazing and ICSing DaveV is our man, a player with more cities and units than I have brain cells!

        On the importance of Trade - Xin Yu, Adam Smith. Possibly assisted by DaveV!

        On Diplo Games - John Barbarossa

        And the human capital embodied in Arii, Carnide, markusf, Mark Everson, Matthew and Sieve Too?

        Go to work, guys!!!


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          On Psychological Warfare via the chat window - The Aussie Bunch.



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            None of that ever goes on from us Aussies.
            The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits

            Hydey the no-limits man. :(


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              you'd probably want one dealing with conquest /Bloodlust victories (vs AC/tech victories). Also a chapter on the Wonders, with reasons for when and when not to build each of them. Even the Eiffel Tower can be useful in certain situations (i found it useful in the Fundy OCC game anyway) Of course in senarios where the attitudes are reset every turn and score doesn't matter, it truely is a waste of resources.

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                I think you guys are onto something with this "Wisdom from the Forum" guide to civing. I hope you get it soon, because I have zulus killing me in one game, mongols in another, and alot of unhappiness in another.

                I think alot of us that aren't up to diety (or emperor, or king) level would benefit from such a guide.

                Good luck, and Godspeed


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                  I don't mind doing wonders.

                  What if the Hokey-Pokey is really what its all about?

                  Contact me at


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                    On the initial thread subject: I've found that in ver. 1.02 which I have installed on my laptop, the game applies the 50% shield penalty when switching to and from Capitalization. So in fact, a change to Capitalization and back to a new wonder once it becomes available reduces the accumulated shields to a mere 25%.

                    In ver. 2.42 which I run on my desktop, there's no shield penalty imposed on switching to and from Capitalization, and I've known about this trick and used it - sparingly - for quite a while.

                    Must get around to installing the patch onto the laptop one of these days.