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Unit nicknames with an attitude

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  • Viktor Maximus
    I called the militia in CivNet for "bug". Don't you think it looks like a bug?

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  • Genghis Al
    Howitzers are Howies
    A spy is "My Woman"
    Horsemen = horses
    Knites = horses
    Cavalry, dragoons = horses
    Diplomat is a "wannabe"
    Sub = Red Button
    Transport = Caravan ferry

    Thats all I can think off the top of my head. To give you more would requir deeper thought... I am not ready for that yet.

    See you in court.

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  • Ming
    Since you really can't assign name to units like you can to cities, I've never really thought about it... But I do have a name for opposing civ units... "TOAST"

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  • East Street Trader

    Howies are "NEMESIS".

    East Street Trader

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  • SCG
    started a topic Unit nicknames with an attitude

    Unit nicknames with an attitude

    In the same spirit of <a href=""> City names with an attitude</a> I'm wondering who else nicknames their units, and as what?

    For example:
    Engingeers: Army Corps of Engineers
    Riflemen: Army Reserve
    Howitzers: Shock Troops
    Spies: Special Agents (or CIA)
    Cavalry and other decent older units: VFWs (Veterans of Foreign Wars)

    after Automobile, I also refer to units like pikemen and archers as museum pieces or Wonder starters

    I'm sure there are people with far more creative names than me

    So, what's out there?