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Take a city, economic collapse

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  • Take a city, economic collapse

    I'm playing along sort of aimlessly but mostly practicing my war skills and decide it's time to rough up the Mongols. I've got about 30k in the treasury and they've got about 35 or something. We're both pretty big so their cities are too expensive - like 25k after I blow-up their Courthouse.

    Anyway, I get all my howitzers together to take a few cities in a turn, take the first one and get like -31.7k in booty - a net negative 1.7k. So now "City x can't support SDI ..." I know there's a 30 something max treasury. So how do I take cities from a big rich civ when I'm also big and rich. The only thing I can think of is bribe him, switch to Democracy before he can bribe you back, wait a dozen turns and do it again. ... There's got to be a better way.

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    Well, you could try spending some of your money first.

    Actually, I had thought that the cash limit was 32,000, a nice power-of-two times a thousand, the kind of limit that a programmer might lean to; but in my current game, I've had more than 32,000 gold at times. Anybody know what the limit is?


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      There's a patch out there that lets you have a large treasury, number of units, etc. (just about everything but a large number of cities). I can't remember it's name or where to find it. I'm sure someone else will.

      In the meantime, perhaps you can give all your money to some small AI civ, then demand tribute to get a portion of it back when you aren't so close to the limit. Are you playing with the Swiss?


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        ok i might be of some help here.
        if the mony was one on of those easy programmable numbers it would be 32768(i really am not sure because i think that i already went over that limit)but it is no more than 35000,that's a fact.btw i never worry about it because it does not go to the underlimit like you suggested it's rather something like
        (you could just try for once and if it doesn't work that way you reset your last turn)
        You say that they have big cities=> i suggest to search for the one that looks most expensive to you and then check out the bribing price,sometimes that price goes over a limit(prob 32768) and then you get cities of 25 very close to the capital for only 700 or something .If this isn't a fact just attack and take over their capital,bribingprices then drop substantially.

        btw if you go over the population limit(ie:327 680 000ppl your counter shifts to 10 000,same for cities=limit there is 127 i thought ;-)

        hope this was usefull
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          The patch you want is Julius' "NoLimits" patch available from the apolyton DataBase for MGE & ToT - sorry doesn't work in 2.42 - it removes the cash and population limits and allows Giga maps - still stuck with only 255 cities tho'

          Good civin'
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            hehe, this remind me a funny story about that limit problem.

            My treasure was something around 10K when I took a big fat city and got -30K from it.
            I was really afraid of pressing the NextTurn key, because I thought that with -20K in my treasure, the computer would sell almost all my constructions (or only one per city?).
            during the AI turn, noticing that I was so poor, some AI diplo bought one of my city and took -26K from my treasure.

            This meant that my treasure was now:
            -20K - (-26k) = + 6K
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              Clearly, there is an arithmetic glitch in the income and treasury numbers related to the purple civ when controlled by the AI. Those weird -20 K style results are part of the same problem that makes their income appear higher in the demographics chart than their treasury actually holds when doing the foreign minister review. As to the question at hand, if faced with the same dilemma, I would pay the 25 k to buy and see if that didn't turn the resulting income positive.

              Separate note, the treasury limit is known, is it not, SGs? Seems tp me I've seen this on this forum.
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                Originally posted by debeest
                I had thought that the cash limit was 32,000, a nice power-of-two times a thousand, the kind of limit that a programmer might lean to; but in my current game, I've had more than 32,000 gold at times. Anybody know what the limit is?
                In one of my ww2 scenarios with smaller civs, my treasury came up to 65000+ and stayed there a while. But the AI stole me 30000 twice in a row, and that was the end of it.
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                  Thanks guys. Taking the capitol first seems worth a try. The darn thing is so far, more than two transport turns, away though. But hey, what the hey? I gotta try something.

                  I hesitate on even this approach though, 'cause I'm figuring that as soon as I take it, my treasury takes the big hit and the next turn everything I've got becomes imminently bribable; like Dry's situation. But like I said, what the hey????

                  (Just keep saying to myself, "it's just a game", "you're not really Augustus," ....