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  • Change the course of HOTW2! Vote in Election!

    All Apolyton gamers are invited to vote in the election for the Union of Asian States, the Mongolian nation in History of the World 2. A new president is to be elected who will determine the course this world power will take over the next several years. This is your chance to get involved in this legendary game by voting!

    As the player of the Mongols I am turning over control of this crucial decision to you the Apolyton players. HOTW2 is without a doubt the best Diplogame in the history of the genre, and now is a time to make history in this game. You will all be able to vote and your votes will be honored. Please read this thread and the HOTW2 thread for updates on the candidates and the election.

    This is an exciting concept I hope you all enjoy and vote!
    <B>Girish Sant</B>- <I>Green Party</I>
    <B>Zainal Rampak</B>- <I>Labor Party</I>
    <B>Bogd Khaan</B>- <I>Conservative Party</I>
    <B>Natsagiin Bagabandi</B>- <I>Liberal Party</I>
    <B>Wei Fengsi Khan</B>- <I>Asian Sunrise Party</I>
    <B>Wang Dan</B>- <I>Libertarian Party</I>

    The poll is expired.

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    Candidate Profiles

    <B>Girish Sant</B>- <I>Green Party</I>
    Mr. Sant began his career in environmental policy working for the Delhi based organization, Prayas. Prayas (Initiatives in Health, Energy, Learning and Parenthood) is a non-governmental, non-profit, public charitable trust registered in India. After many years focusing on energy use and resource management Sant's career diverted to Politics where in 1596 he was elected to Delhi city council and finally worked his way up to Governor of the Delhi province.

    Sant is campaigning on the issues of cleaning up UAS, opposing nuclear power and providing available healthcare and social services to the population.

    <B>Zainal Rampak</B>- <I>Labor Party</I>
    Mr. Rampak, a longtime agitator for worker's rights has come to national promenance as the President of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress. Initially started as a local Singapore factory workers union the MTUC has grown to include all of South-East asia with Union branches in much of India and China. Rampak organized the successful strike of '89 which despite the Saigon riot succeeded in securing a 45 hour work week for as SE asian workers. He also organized the '04 work slowdown in all China, India, and SE Asia where he first acheived national attention.

    While no true political experience the Labor Party has chosen Rampak to be their front runner due to his good name recognition. Rampak's issues include a national minimum wage, increased factory production to bring jobs, and many public work programs to ensure all workers have a job who want one.

    <B>Bogd Khaan</B>- <I>Conservative Party</I>
    After 3 decades of service as Conservative party Senator from N. Mongolia Khaan has won his parties' nomination for President. Khaan is from one of Mongolia's old ruling families that long ago adapted to the UAS Democracy. Khaan is independently wealthy from his families' inexhaustible nestegg. His candidacy is strongly supported also by the Asian Unity Party which has declined to run a candidate and endorse Khaan. The joining of the Conservatives and the AUP behind one candidate gives Khaan a good shot at the win. His critics are many however, many fearful of the Asian Unity Party's agenda and possible warmongering after years of peace in the region.

    Khaan has always been a vocal supporter of Conservative President Dangime's war against the EU, and has been critical of the recent peace agreement that has returned "foreigners to Asian soil." The AUP has historically supported any means necessary for the unification of Asia under a common banner and have enjoyed a surprizing upsurge of support in recent years.

    <B>Natsagiin Bagabandi</B>- <I>Liberal Party</I>
    Natsagiin Bagabandi served as Vice-President in the last administration and supports a continuation of President Ozzy Khan and President Chris' policies. Vice-President Bagabandi is originally from W. Mongolia but has lived most of his life in the nation's capitol in Central Mongolia. Bagabandi's father was the highly respected Western Mongolian Senator for many years before his retirement. Bagabandi has had a life of politics and is well connected. Considered the virtual incumbant Bagabandi will be tough to beat, but with much opposition to many of President Chris' international policies and private indesgressions he is not with out his weaknesses.

    Bagabandi is telling the nation to stay the course and continue the policies of his Liberal Party forerunners. He supports strong foreign aid and assistance for long time Israel allies and a closening of ties with Australlia. Bagabandi proposes to continue with strong domestic growth and international involvement.

    <B>Wei Fengsi Khan</B>- <I>Asian Sunrise Party</I>
    Wei FK as he is affectionatly called by his supporters is a maverick candidate supporting the nation's technological interests. A popular science fiction writer and chief fellow at Kashmir's University of Technology and Science. Originally from Shanghi Wei FK has done much for the growth in UAS' scientific knowledge over the past few years. His research team were the key developers of rocketry and are now working on nuclear power. At a speech given to Western Mongolia University Wei FK has pledged to land Asians on the moon by the end of the decade.

    Wei FK has made his intentions for space exploration and technological development clear saying, "Progress is man's only lasting goal on this planet. To leave this planet will demonstrate this progress to all mankind"

    <B>Wang Dan</B>- <I>Libertarian Party</I>
    Dan is an elliquent speaker for the cause of Asian Liberty. Dan has mobilized many diverse interests in UAS in support of the previously marginalized Libertarian Party. As Party Chair Dan has built the party into a force to be reconed with in Asia. With Dan's nomination this may be the first Presidential election in Libertarian history they have a chance at a decent showing. Wang Dan has spread the message of freedom to all parts of UAS and increased significantly his party's seats in the Mongolian Congress.

    Dan supports individual freedom both personally and economically. Dan also calls for an end to all international aid and overseas "meddling" calling for complete neutrality and the canceling of all alliances. Dan also supports dramaticly reducing taxes and cutting the size of the UAS government.
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    When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


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      Candidate Survey

      All candidates were asked to briefly answer the following questions important to the Union of Asian States.

      1. <B>How do you feel about the brewing situation in Turkey? </B>

      <B>Sant-</B> I really have no clear feelings on the issue. The EU did purge central Turkey of that environmentally hazardous fortress, but the matter isn’t clear for me.
      <B>Rampak-</B> the impoverished European citizens are victims of international capitalism and Israeli warmongering.
      <B>Khaan-</B> the dirty Europeans have trampled on the lives of Asian citizens for the last time. They have abused the Israelis and in our peace deal their indiscretions have deeply offended Mongolia. I will not rule out direct military action.
      <B>Bagabandi-</B> Israel have been our historic allies, I support them in whatever course of action they deem necessary.
      <B>Wei FK-</B> I am very pleased to hear WAAR gifted the poor Europeans needed technology. Only through open technology exchange will we succeed as a people.
      <B>Dan-</B> our nation’s interventionist policies precipitated this conflict. Let other nations settle their own problems; UAS should never get involved.

      2. <B>What are your thoughts on the International Nuclear Test Ban treaty?</B>

      <B>Sant-</B> I support it fully and unconditionally. Nuclear weapons are a treat to this planet and all who live on it.
      <B>Rampak-</B> I support it, nuclear weapons are used by the rich and kill the poor.
      <B>Khaan-</B> UAS should not tie its hands with treaties that will weaken and disarm her.
      <B>Bagabandi-</B> Liberal Party President Ozzy Khan drafted that treaty and I support our party’s efforts for world peace.
      <B>Wei FK-</B> I feel this treaty limits genuine scientific discovery and exploration.
      <B>Dan-</B> I am undecided whether we should pursue nuclear weapons but I am sure than any international treaty such as this is an infringement on sovereignty and should be repealed.

      3. <B>There has been talk of a space race between Australia and the world, what are your thoughts? </B>

      <B>Sant-</B> Humans don’t deserve to enter a new environment when they are still destroying this one.
      <B>Rampak-</B> Increased developments in space will be good for jobs, I suggest UAS takes a lead role.
      <B>Khaan-</B> Such an endeavor will show the world the might and ingenuity of Asia. The Australians are undeserving of such an achievement.
      <B>Bagabandi-</B> We had no plans to go into space and I continue to support that. As for what other nations do, I am undecided as to our approach.
      <B>Wei FK-</B> I have pledged to land on the moon by the end of the decade. Politics should not constrain the boundless intelligence of human striving.
      <B>Dan-</B> Taxpayer money should not be flushed down the black hole of space.

      4. <B>What are your thoughts on Mongolian alliances? </B>

      <B>Sant-</B> The Europeans have a fully agrarian society and we support their efforts for a cleaner, healthier environment. I support discussion between our two nations I think we have much to learn.
      <B>Rampak-</B> The Zulu Nation is a true worker’s paradise. They have proved to the world that communism is a real possibility; I support switching our alliances from WAAR to the Zulus.
      <B>Khaan-</B> WAAR and China are nations of half-Asian mulattos but still better than the other nations. I support closer ties to China and WAAR for the good of all Asia.
      <B>Bagabandi-</B> We have had historically close ties to WAAR and Australia, it would be foolish to turn our backs on our friends.
      <B>Wei FK-</B> I suggest universal alliances set up for technology sharing for the good of all humanity.
      <B>Dan-</B> Entangling alliances only lead to war, total neutrality is the only option.

      5. <B> How will you manage our currently strong economy? </B>

      <B>Sant-</B> our current progress is not sustainable. Our land is being destroyed to meet the demands of the world. I support increased environmental regulations on all industry.
      <B>Rampak-</B> many say our economy is strong but to our millions of unemployed this is a myth. Only through full employment will our nation be whole. I support increased public works programs and increased industry for jobs.
      <B>Khaan-</B> our Asian neighbors dominate the world in production; it is only suitable for the beacon of pure Asian culture to excel above all.
      <B>Bagabandi-</B> our economy has grown strong under the leadership of our last two presidents; I support continuing our progress.
      <B>Wei FK-</B> politicians are always draining the research budget for their pork projects and other building projects. It is clear that any long term vision for a nation’s health needs a strong commitment to scientific development.
      <B>Dan-</B> our economy is strong in spite of not because of the government. Reducing taxes, deregulating industry and allowing the free market to succeed will improve the lives of all our citizens.

      6. <B>How do you feel on trade? More specifically, the Zulu agreement? </B>

      <B>Sant-</B> I support fair and open trade to benefit the entire world. We do need to use trade as a tool to reward good stewards of the environment and punish those who would ruin our planet.
      <B>Rampak-</B> We are being swept up in the drumbeat of globalization; Asian jobs are going overseas to the poor nations of Mali and EU where workers labor in unsafe sweatshops. Pressure must be put on all nations to enact fair labor practices. I support trade only with nation’s who treat their workers with utmost fairness as the Zulu do.
      <B>Khaan-</B> From what I am aware the agreement calls for the gifting of the Tibetan province, this is outrageous. Our nation should not carve itself up for Africans or Europeans or anyone else. Trade is a good thing but not at the expense of rightful Asian land.
      <B>Bagabandi-</B> I am proud of the agreement worked out between President Ozzy Khan and Comrade Shakeem. This deal with benefit both our nations.
      <B>Wei FK-</B> I really have to look into the matter more.
      <B>Dan-</B> I support full and free trade. Commerce is the life blood of our planet, no government should restrict its flow in any way.

      7. <B>Please speak briefly on any one topic. </B>

      <B>Sant-</B> our people have neglected the environment for too long. UAS is one of the world’s top polluters. I support restoration of native environments, a restriction on heavy industry, a permanent commitment against nuclear power and strict pollution controls to save our needy planet.
      <B>Rampak-</B> I will usher in massive road building projects also I will help our nation’s food production by subsidizing all Asian farmers. Production is important so factory construction will increase as will worker protections.
      <B>Khaan-</B> I am ashamed of our cowardly retreat from Europe. The peace treaty we signed was foolish and I will seek more beneficial terms if elected. Also I will do all in my power to secure more land in Asia for our proud people.
      <B>Bagabandi-</B> we have had much prosperity of late it would be foolish to change horses midstream. I will continue all the policies that have brought us this far.
      <B>Wei FK-</B> Space is the final frontier. We cannot deny our people the promise of fulfilled knowledge.
      <B>Dan-</B> I propose permanent neutrality of UAS and the disarming of our bloated military. Peacetime standing armies are only good for the oppression of the people.
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      When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


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        The WAAR Labour party naturally leans towards labour leaders from around the world, but we are concerned with Girish Sants bias reagarding the oppressed EU atacking the Khurdistan WAAR citizens. The citizens of Khurdistan would riot if we supported any candidate that even slighlty justified the attack on them.

        President Whiteman awaits anxiously the result of this election
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          Aussies rooting for Bagabandi!

          BUT Rampak would liven up the game more. Drake needs a good ally to get anywhere.....
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            MBC Radio Update

            ...If you are just tuning in the top story today is improper use of citizen funds and a total neglection of the science budget by outgoing President Chris Khan. Lets go now to MBC's Technical Corespondent who is standing by with details on this scandal.

            "Thank you Adrana, the situation for the current President is grim. Apparently his funding decisions have dropped the UAS tech rate from 4 turns to 11 turns and has erased much of the competitive edge our nation was gaining on other nations. Many people here are..ffssssss.. that he made..fffsssssss...some are describing...fffsssss prakkakaka......"

            Well it seems we have lost Dakka Dorjjav to interferance but he made some points regarding the gravity of this situation. He mentioned that our competitve edge has been erased and that we have dropped from 4 turns to 11 turns--somebody try to get Dorjjav back on, we need him to explain this technical jargon--while we are not clear what a "turn" is, it is fairly clear that this is a significant misstep for the Chris administration.

            One can only speculate how this will affect the current election. Right now Bagabandi is riding his incumbant status to a significant lead in the polls but this news can only hurt his campaign. Many voters are beginning to see Bagabandi and the Liberal party as the party of technical stagnation, lets go to the street to get some reactions to this breaking news.

            Quix Han from Shanghai- "I was planning on voting for Bagabandi but I'm no fool, I don't want UAS to go back to the stone age because of the Liberal Parties' resistance to science"

            Rani Naipaul from Bombay- "I knew they were no good, they got us involved in that Turkey conflict and now they are torpedoing our science program, the Liberals have to go."

            It seems clear to this reporter that this will hurt the chances of Bagabandi, but will it be enough to cut his significant lead? Only time will tell.

            Stay tuned to MBC for more breaking news and updates on the election.
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            When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


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              "Sir, other people want to vote too"

              "Uhhh...Yes, just a min.." replied CapTVK

              Why did it always end up like this? Making up his mind at the final moment? He did a quick mental scan of his two favourite parties : the liberals and the Asian Sunrise Party. The liberal party always were a good choice to go by, but The Sunrise party seemed to be a refreshing change. Although some of their plans seemed a bit on the wild side. Building spaceships? Colonizing Alpha Centauri?

              "Sir, SIR!"

              "Yes, yes, yes...I'm just done"

              And with that CapTVK marked the form and dropped it in the case next to the voting booth.

              "Aw hell, they'll probably raise taxes anyway"

              Muttering further he walked out of the voting office and into history...
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                Science !! Who cares about science ... Build CITY WALLS!!!!
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                  Ghost of great Mongolian leader speaks to Khaan

                  It was late at night and stormy out side of conveservative party leader Khaan's upscale home. For some reason he couldn't sleep, and was kept up with troubling thoughts that particularly haunted him on this night. He turned his attention to an old book, and sat down with it by the fireplace in an old leather chair, trying to forget, but just as he was sitting down the wind took a strange turn. It was strange even for a storm. When he looked up Khaan saw a blue aura of light surrounding a strange figure who was starring into the fire, the wind had stopped. He could not believe his eyes, but indeed it was the spirit of the great Mongolian leader, Lord Dangime, turning to face the awe struck Khaan. Lord Dangime had his dress military uniform on, complete down to the very same sabre that now graced a museum, the look on his face let Khaan know something very grave must be at hand.

                  "Khaan." the spirit spoke in a deep thunderous voice. "Khaan, you must lead Mongolia back to the road of glory. For too long the true will on the Mongolian people has been ignored. I have never forgiven myself for not completing the task at hand in my life, now I must walk the earth as a spirit, for my fate is tied with Mongolia's. Let ultimate victory be your only concearn, strike with delbirate and resounding force against all those who may endanger that goal. It is Mongolia's place to sit in the place of glory in the hall of must find it's fate on the feild of battle. Go......"

                  With that the spirit was gone, and the wind started again as it was before. All that was left was Lord Dangime's sabre....left on the ground, and seemingly glowing with power, or ki as it is known in spirits. Khaan picked up the sword.....

                  .......the next morning, Lord Daniime's sword was missing from the national Mongolian museum. There was no tape of the theft, and no alarms, had been tripped. During a slight pause in the storm, the sword had simply vanished.......


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                    Raz told me to

                    Ok I voted, now can I go out to play?
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                      The Zulu choice and sound reasoning

                      Mongolian production is mediocre. With a well proven, strong leader in the Labor Party, the UAS could achieve it's full potential and compete with the Chinese and Australians. Until significant money is invested in factories, plants, supermarkets and infastructure, the Mongols will never be able to be a real world player. The Zulus have recognized this and the Mongols need to as well.

                      Rampak will get Mongolia competitive on the global scene.

                      Girish Sant- Who wants a hippy leading such a powerful nation?

                      Bogd Khaan- Could bring Mongolia glory through war. Could put Mongolia in a pit through war.

                      Natsagiin Bagabandi- Policies of old have only brought Mongolia mediocricy. This is exactly what the big dogs want. They don't want a true competitor.

                      Wei Fengsi Khan- Should run in a future election. Now is not his time. Rampak will set the stage for someone like WFK.

                      Wang Dan- Selfishness is not a good characteristic. Mongolia should not only care about themselves, but of the world around them.
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                        I voted

                        I voted.
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                          MBC Reports

                          Girish Sant- Green Party 18.75%
                          Zainal Rampak- Labor Party 12.50%
                          Bogd Khaan- Conservative Party 31.25%
                          Natsagiin Bagabandi- Liberal Party 25.00%
                          Wei Fengsi Khan- Asian Sunrise Party 12.50%
                          Wang Dan- Libertarian Party 0%

                          "Polling continues in the UAS today as the Presidential Election draws near. Showing new resiliancy Senator Khaan has jumped ahead in the polls, pulling ahead of Vice-President Bagabandi by 6.25%. Polling at a strong third is Green Party candidate Girish Sant with 18.75% of the total.

                          "With us today to explain the dynamics of this battle for votes is MBC's own Khalid Ahmad. Khalid."

                          "Thank you Adrana, the electorite has been showing much uneasiness of late. Now some may say that is due to the fact our poll only includes 16 people, but I conclude this has everything to do with the technology decisions in the Chris Khan administration. Bagabandi enjoyed a solid lead over his opponents till the news broke about the cuts from the science budget and then both Khaan and Sant started polling higher. "

                          "If that is the case then why hasn't Wei FK shown a significant increase instead?"

                          "Good question Adrana, I feel that while the voters don't want scientific stagnation they have other priorities besides only scientific development. Senator Khaan has been taking great advantage of this break in Bagabandi's armor and with his newly energized campaign has turned this into a competitive election. Khaan has spoken to Asia's sense of mediocraty trapped within a potential for greatness. Many people are bitter about European outsiders and the powerful and arrogant Australians who for centuries treated Mongolia like a puppet state.

                          "Those who are supporting Sant I suppose are looking for a change on the left side of the coin from years of Liberal Party dominance. The environment is an issue many candidates haven't addressed and Sant has been attempting to frame the issue around his priorities.

                          "In any event only 6.25% sepperates each of the candidates which is within our poll's margin of error so this election can go virtually to any candidate at this point. This is an exciting election season, I only wish Presidential terms were shorter than 20 years so we could do this again soon."

                          "Khalid, its always a pleasure. With less than a day to go till the election all candidates are doing their last minute efforts to get out the vote and rally the troops."
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                            ooops wrong thread !!!
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                              Something I just noticed is that the poll says its uh......guess the elections over huh?
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                              Streets filled with blood from distant lies.