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    I got MGE recently (isn't that weird?)...Anyway, does everybody just know people's IP# around here? I'd like to try mp out...

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    Is a list of many people's icq. Some may be out of date, but it's a good starting point.

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      You can also go to Zone.

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        IP's change every session. What you are really interested in is how to find other players. Once you find them the IP # is used to connect to each other and is posted bythe game, if you are host, or supplied by the host, if you are not the host. If it sounds complicated its not once you actually do it.

        RAH has given u a link to a list of ICQ numbers.

        If the person has ICQ, and u do, u can contact with them thru ICQ and PLAN games. You can do the same with other messenger services but ICQ seems to be the most popular amongst civer's (unfortunatly I can't load it and I know of others who have trouble also)

        Slowwhand has given you a link to a website that sponsors a gameroom for realtime civ games.

        If you go to that website you will find a number of players and will probably be able to find a game WITHOUT PLANNING it ahead of time. The downside to this website is the same as its upside: you can find a game at anytime with people you havn't planned with. Thus the games are rarely finished and the players may be unfamiliar to you.

        Whichever you choose, make sure you download the 1.3 patch available here, at and other places I'm sure.

        If you ever want a game I am frequently in the zone, with the name _DeityDude or can be reached at Yahoo messenger at bob_wland_2000.

        Good Luck and Good Civing!!!


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          actually, unless you can find a group who will "take you in hand" so to speak, I really believe the Zone is a pretty good place to whet your MP game.
          Sure you never finish a game, but you can almost always find a game within a half hour or so, and I think if you haven't played MP before, you're exposed to a pretty broad range of playing styles and various strategies. I might be biased, because I started out there, but when I was a newbie on the zone, people were pretty nice to me and willing to tell me stuff (as they were kicking my butt, of course ) I think I learned quite a bit there: and that's where I met the people that got me over here, after all.

          Course, it might help if you pretend to be a girl

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            Ill be on the zone tonight starting somewhere around 9-930pm. If you want a game find me. Make sure u load the 1.3 patch before playing though.