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Guess who's just achieved his first MP victory =)

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  • Guess who's just achieved his first MP victory =)

    <font size=1>me</font>

    CapTVK and me, small map, several AI civs (don't remember how many exactly), 2x1x, Deity

    don't know about the barb level either, but they rweren't too bad

    Well, I started in some wastelands, but after moving both settlers a bit, I discovered a river area. build both cities on river tiles with quite a bit of trade, discovering Monarchy took a while due to finding silly techs in huts.

    found 2 ai civs, roamsn and babylonians, none of them too close to disturb my expansion. as always, I was qute nervous during the game, due to the fact that each mistake can be fatal

    I checked the demographics regularly, and apparently I was doing quite good, according to population and manufacturing goods. even when I fell behind in pop, I sort of knew I was still doing quite good, since I was still #1 in production and #1 in family size. anyway, I managed to construct Mike's before Cap did, and due to my quite good economy, approached other medieval techs quickly. hey, I even had a city on a gold tile, mined and all, producing 4 gold and 8 beakers at size 1 (with 2 corruption)

    at about 750 BC, he gave up. I didn't particulalry beat him, but I was the only human player left, so the game was mine.

    does it actually count as a victory?

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    If he quit... YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on your impressive victory
    Keep on Civin'
    RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O


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      hmm.... it's ironical comments like that that make me feel blanked

      anyone willing to give real congrats?

      thanks man!


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        Well Done!!

        Now join the ranks of those like me who retired from Duels after their first win...
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          Congrats. No longer virgin.
          Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.
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            Originally posted by SlowwHand
            Congrats. No longer virgin.
            hehe, a typical first time experience. kind of coitus interruptus
            justice is might


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              Well, okay he won. But he didn't exactly beat me, I simply gave up after what was probably my worst start ever.

              I started on a peninsula which consisted of nothing but plains, grassland and no specials in site. Being used to playing 1x 1x I got stuck with cities that exploded in size but were hard to control. Around 1500BC I had only 10 techs! I however managed to get to monarchy and keep expanding and establish some good cities on better terrain in but by then the AI's started to harass me.

              We had started with 7 players (5 AI) and for the first time i realize why some players only play with their own civs. AI's with double production are as annoying as hell. They churn out units at an alarming pace. After a prime river city fell due to catapult attacks I had enough. I didn't have the required techs to launch an offensive and resigned from the game. So I have to congratulate EC on his first win (by forfeit, cough cough )

              Still, it was nice to play MP again. Haven't played for the last few months, so it was refreshing.

              Enjoy your victory while you can EC. It won't last...
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                taking bets on the EC vs Ras game...... its a toss up
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                  Originally posted by War4ever
                  taking bets on the EC vs Ras game...... its a toss up
                  Hey I will be in that... Come out of retirement for a special appearance !!!!
                  GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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                    Sounds to me like a re-match is in order, with other civs being human players...

                    Count me in if the time is right.
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                      My money is on Raz , after all he did beat the king himself, EYES

                      Go Raz GO
                      The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits

                      Hydey the no-limits man.


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                        I am the greatest at getting people so frustrated they leave... My specialty is making the settings what i want ..

                        Deity . Raging hordes . 7 civs . large world . 5 bill yrs . wet
                        GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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                          Raz is the best

                          With those settings Raz could never lose, everyone will quit before the game ends.
                          The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits

                          Hydey the no-limits man.


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                            Is there any other way to be great

                            Exactly.... I am the champ !!!!!!!
                            GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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                              you're a spammer and loser, but I'm in

                              OK, through your boasting you guys got me frustrated. I'm in

                              how does it sound?

                              Rasputin, Ecthelion, cavebear

                              Deity, 2x1x, small map, raging hordes, no AI, RANDOM map withot any impact on world shape or so (bah to 5 bill and to wet)

                              we play RAH rules, of course

                              err... what were those again?