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History of the World 2 (Part Three)

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  • History of the World 2 (Part Three)

    * tongue well and truely in cheek *

    Well, I gotta say Sir Francis Drake's site totally sux!

    The pg hasn't been updated since 840AD, I think, and we are at 1090AD!

    Here it is for those deprived of this vital statistic

    Not that it has anything to do with who's leading or the fact that Drake thinks he will catch up in the next session... he he

    My math says he can't

    But if he does, I'm sure we'll see a pg at the site

    BTW For the unfamiliar:
    Nap Bonaparte = Capo (NOT Nappy)
    Keti = Drako
    Sun= Sun
    Imam = GNGSpam = Chris = Manatauh
    Prom = Prom (not the Mike one)
    Paul Keating = moi = deity (GO AUSSIES!!!)
    East = East
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    LOL! Like the PG has any standing on the game! I'll post your shot right after I post this ok deityweity?

    Talk all you want, but I think everyone knows that the axis powers are the big fish in this pond

    Oh and Deity, tell your people in Broken Hill that theyre gonna actually have to research their own techs soon
    I see the world through bloodshot eyes
    Streets filled with blood from distant lies.


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      Well this is a good tradition, a new person makes the thread for each uh... thread.


      Deity you could have chosen a better icon to regail this thread than a frikin' thumbs down... couldn't cha?

      Anyway man, we are running into a few situations here, first and foremost the Israeli situation. Sekong, who is a HOTW vet, has pretty much said he can't play and in the event that he does he would only be able to make a 7 - 10pm EST session, which I'm sure is okay if we think about it, but not preffered by our group.

      Meanwhile Mr. Easthaven has yet to show, so who knows what's going on there. I suggest we start to look for a sub for East in case something terrible happened.

      So anyway once we find a final roster we'll be in pretty good shape, a lot of things are being put into motion by all parties in this game and it looks like its going to get really hot really soon, so it would be a shame for something unfortunant to happen here. Anyway that's the update.

      As always, peace.
      Ming blows, I'll change this when I have some time on my hands.


      RIP Bradley James Nowell


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        I cant beleive you guys have made this last as long as you have , again well done to all , except Drake who thinks i am jsut a Spammer

        I always wanted an Aussie version of this type of game, but unfortunalty the majority of aussies not so interested in the Role playing side of things....

        Keep up the good work guys, but i Must admit I am rooting for the Aussies to win !!!!
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          Ok, looks like Rasputin will probably be subbing for either Mongolia (if they don't show) or Israel for our game tommorow. He can't play on a permanent basis, but atleast we'll be covered for this week.

          HOTW is moving forward! We just got to keep it that way and god willing, we're gonna finish this epic tale
          I see the world through bloodshot eyes
          Streets filled with blood from distant lies.


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            If I do play , can some one please email me the latest alliance structure, who loves who ETC !!!!
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              Ah, the hell with email, I'll just lay it out here.........

              The Axis Alliance:
              Zulu Nation (me)
              Mali (Chris/GNGspam)
              China (Prometheus)

              The Pacific Pact Alliance:
              Mongolia (Easthaven)
              Australia (Deity)
              Israel (OPEN)

              Wilcard/ Un-affiliated:
              Adriatic League (Capo)

              Obviously all allies are very friendly with each other.
              There is no war between the two great alliances at the moment and relations seem to be normal- all trading has been open.

              AL has transformed from bad boy to good boy in previous years as the pressures of war with aussies/mongols became too much to bear.

              No big tension right now as the power balance of the world seems to be in hand....but that could change shortly.....who knows what will happen
              I see the world through bloodshot eyes
              Streets filled with blood from distant lies.


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                especially with a wild card entry

                The Great RAZ !!!!!!
                GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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                  Alright, this is the third thread for this game, and what I want to do is give a short update as to what has been going on throughout the HOTW game. Keep in mind this is from an Adriatic Perspective so it could be biased, but I'll try to keep a general storyline running....

                  The first real conflicts arose in Egypt as Mali and Israeli settlers poured into the fertile Nile. Tensions mounted near the city of Bethlehem with a slight chance of war between the African states of Mali and Zulu and the Israeli state. Israel sued for help from the Adriatic League who spoke of coming in to resolve the conflict. Eventually cooler heads prevailed and the Israelites made an agreement with the Africans that they would only settle the northern basin of the Nile, and nothing further into Africa.

                  It was also around this time that the Mongolian hordes surrounded the small Chinese kingdom and basically gained near-total control over all of Asia. An alliance between the Mongols and Chinese was soon formed, the Australians later joined which lead to the creation of the Pacific Pact.

                  The Adriatic League, who was now expanding into central Asia (around Khazakstan and the Steppe) feared that a powerful Asian alliance could stop their peaceful expansion and called on the "Western World" to bind together in a similar fashion. Israel agreed, but the Africans declined. The Mediterranean Pact was comprised of Israel and the Adriatic League.

                  Soon the colonial period began, with the Zulus and Australians getting quick footholds in South America, and the Mali establishing a colony in North America. The Pacific Pact suggested that China gain a sizeable portion of North America to make up for their lack of territory in Asia, which began the first conflicts between East and West...

                  The very first war the world had ever experienced was a small and isolated conflict in the Mississippi basin. The Mali and Adriatic League argued over what their territorial claims comprised of and in reaction to some arguments about it, an Adriatic Warship sunk a Mali Warship outside the city of Santiago (now known as Sydneyago). Before a land campaign could ensue Adriatic and Mali officials signed a treaty which lineated Adriatic and Mali holdings in North America (NALT agreement) as well as an agreement concerning the seas, which was called the FAWT (Free Atlantic Waters Treaty) which would indirectly lead to the first World War...

                  Similar agreements were made in South America between the Zulus and Australians around this time concerning land in that area, as well as a general agreement by the rest of the world that the Chinese should have a sizeable portion of North America (despite Adriatic and some Mali complaints). A disagreement over who owned central America was never assailed between the Adriatics and Australians. The Adriatic League quickly took over central America as well as Mexico, Cuba, the Bahamas, Florida, Louisiana and parts of Texas despite Australian claims to all of these areas, this would not help keep world peace.

                  Soon after these incidents an Australian ship was spotted by Mali troops in the Mediterranean sea, which would connote that Israel had violated the terms of the FAWT agreement by allowing a foreign vessel into the Mediterranean without Mali and Adriatic approval. The Australians then asked the Mali to keep the ship's position a secret from Adriatic forces, who discovered the ship just south of Greece soon thereafter. After warning the ship three times to exit, an Adriatic-Made Mali Warship sunk the Australian ship which began the first World War.

                  The Australians quickly seized Santiago and renamed it Sydneyago and began sinking and bribing away Mali and Adriatic ships in the Caribbean. The war then calmed down a bit as the Mali made peace with Australia, but in exchange the Chinese left the Pacific Pact and allied with the Mali. It was soon after this that the Adriatic League assaulted all Mongolian border forces in Asia and the Americas and defeated them quite quickly. A blitz against Mongolia came through the Tibetan mountains towards Kabul. The point of the Adriatic invasion of Mongolia was to help their ally Israel capture India, however the Israelites showed their true colors by turning against the Adriatic League and joining the Pacific Pact in the war against them. Adriatic-Israeli fighting ensued near Novokazalisnk with Adriatic forces routing Israeli troops in that area.

                  With Adriatic troops split in the Caucuses, Afghanistan and Tibet the Mongols took a heavy offensive against encroaching Adriatic forces, some of which where bribed towards the Mongol cause against the Adriatic "Imperialists." The Australians also struck the Adriatics from Panama and the Yucatan penninsula, destroying two Adriatic colonies and making their way towards Mexico.

                  With defeat a very real outcome, the Adriatic League attempted peace with the Pacific Pact, but their leader Australia denied any peace. The Adriatics went to the Mali for help. The Prometheus City Accords (named for a Chinese city in North America) were then established to make peace between the warring Adriatic League and Pacific Pact. With the Mali chairing the discussion peace agreements were established between them, the Australians were now allowed to keep Panama and the Yucatan, and a DMZ was established along the Mongolian-Adriatic border.

                  Soon after this the Zulu Nation was added to the Chinese-Mali alliance, which was later named the Axis. It was at this point that every nation in the world changed to Democracy except for the Chinese, who remained in their ancient Monarchy. Napoleon Bonaparte, new Adriatic President, is now attempting to make better relations with the nations his country had given a hard time to....

                  The Axis has officially declared Israel a rogue state...

                  Australia has asked the world to give cities to Israel to help them grow bigger, much like they did way back when with China...

                  And that is where we are now, who knows what will occur next in the ongoing saga that is the History of the World!
                  Ming blows, I'll change this when I have some time on my hands.


                  RIP Bradley James Nowell


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                    The update on this game...

                    Alright well here is what is going on tonight. Apparently Chris can't play due to private matters, so that means we lose another. So the only confirmed players for tonight are...

                    Capo of the Adriatics
                    Deity of the Australians
                    Drake of the Zulu

                    We have two secured subs in Slowwhand and Rasputin, but we are unsure where they will be set.

                    Which means we have a total of 5/7 confirmed to play tonight, Easthaven is still MIA from last week, and Prometheus has yet to tell us he'll be around.

                    So hopefully those two show up and we'll have a full group. If not Israel will go AI, but if you are reading this and you can play please let it be known ASAP, we are really desperate for some players and don't think this game should fail.

                    Thanks for the help, peace.
                    Ming blows, I'll change this when I have some time on my hands.


                    RIP Bradley James Nowell


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                      Lowang (Big Lewi) said he'll be around at start time to pick up a civ if necesary. He or Raz would be highly appropriate for Mongolia and Israel as my strong allies
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                        Tentative evening roster:

                        zulu- me
                        al- capo
                        aussies- deity
                        china - prometheus
                        mali- slowwhand
                        israel and mongolia- split between lowang and ras (barring east's arrival)

                        Hope this works out for the best....I'm going home, see you guys in a few hours.
                        I see the world through bloodshot eyes
                        Streets filled with blood from distant lies.


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                          As I see it now:

                          Zulu - Drake
                          AL - Capo
                          Aussies - deity
                          China - Prometheus
                          Mali- slowwhand
                          israel - Raz
                          Mongolia- EASTHAVEN!

                          Lowang may be here as a back up.

                          Ming, can you change the thread logo to a thumbs up please?
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                            New leader

                            NEWS FLASH ......

                            In a major breaking news story today, it appears there has been some sort of bloodless coup in Jerusalem. the old controlling regime has been thrown out as the people demand to know why their nation is regarded as a "rogue nation" by its neighbours. The previus corrupt regimes for thousands of years have held back the development of the Isreali people and they demand answers. Our contact in Jerusalem reports that a new leader has been appointed , this new leader has taken the title THE Great RAZ !!

                            From Jerusalem , the news is that all Citys (excpet Jerusalem)have been renamed to remove reference to the preveious corrupt Leaders and the citys have been given the name of the local indigenous tribes. This has brought much happiness to the people as they embrace mulitculturism.

                            As tensions in the world were a little tense, TheGreat Raz announced a new defence spending budget increase to update the Isreali tired old armys to more modern ones. also as part of their desire to spread multiculturism across all lands the Great Raz embarked on a mass Transportation budget increase , and all this was done while decreasing lux tax on the wealthy and maintaining the populace in a state of ecstacy.

                            EXTRA NEWS FLASH ....

                            Breaking news seems to indicate some sort of conflict brweing with AL to the north, apparaently some stray Israeli unit wandered into DMZ and whilst this occured all forms of Communication with the Israeli friends the AL broke down, tensions rose dramtically, till The Great Raz finally got control of his leader of the army General Abraham , who promptly withdrew the offending unit. Howevr during this tense time to the south the Mali took advantage of these tensions and made a claim for Israeli land in North Africa. Whillst the whole world knows tha tthe city of Egypt had been located in that position since about 3000BC Israel found it hard to get supporters for their cause as the Malis claime dall Africa as their continet (forgetting of course that they share it with Zulu too). Whilst the Mali didnt ask for the Israeli city of Egypt , they did lay claiim to the Herds of Buffalo that the Israel love to make Buffalo burgers from. This herd of buffalo hard been overseen by a regiment of the Israeli army since the founding of Egypt and it was this army that prevented the new city of Mali "Benghazi " capturing the Herd and eating them. As tensions continued to mount with the world eager to avoid another world wide incident , especially one over Buffalos, thew Mali and Jewish people refused to compromise.

                            The Great Raz has called upon the mali leader to sign an agreement of curent borders to prevet any military action.
                            The world waits upon the outcome, for the sake of our sons and daughters lets hope common sense prevails
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                              he he

                              I don't have much to say!

                              Been like that for 3 sessions. The new kid on the block thinks he can overtake!

                              Wish I didn't have to be so spotless though...
                              "Old age and skill will overcome youth and treachery. "
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