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    What do you feel your weaknesses are in a game? For me my biggest weakness is that I don't always build wonders fast enough and it can sometimes leave a window of opportunity open in a really close game.

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    Let's build up a database on player weaknesses....

    It may be the only way to win in Civ3MP LOL

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      While this may be a crafty way to get secrets out of everyone, i don't really care anymore so i'll share.

      My weakness is that i really suck on the battlefield. I am apt to squander a large force of troops. I rush ahead and try to take and kill all that i can. Then i end up loosing it all next turn. I don't defend enough and leave troops undefended on open ground.

      Also i have a nasty habit of making dumb mistakes. Accidentally moving my pikeman off of a mountain at a critical moment and such. *sigh*

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        my weakness is that wouldnt have a clue what I am doing
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          My weakness is that I don't have the tech tree memorized and I often "get lost" wandering down useless paths............But it always seems to work itself out in due time.

          I also tend to be too conservative at times and don't take risks......which are of course necessary to be a successful player.
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            My problem is that I get too caught up in the moment and either over or under-estimate my capabilities.

            I always tend to forget minor aspects that I should have taken into consideration as far as strategy goes (Case in point HOTW I failed to realize that my units could be bribed, which cost me a huge army against Mongolia and very possibly some territory in Mongolia as well).

            Other than that I generally think I know what I'm doing, the problem is the minor mistakes I make really screw me over sometimes.
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              sometimes i get too drunk and really make a mess of things....

              I forget the oedo rev turn if i don't do it right away.....

              I too have wandered down the wrong tech path by mistake

              i consider myself a fast player and thus don't always think moves out for fear of being called slow and thus having people not want to play me
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                Yup, forgetting to rebel in the right year is frustrating, but my primary weakness is building a science city and using trade to benefit my science.


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                  Sean has weaknesses as a player?

                  My major weakness is I played SP for too long. The strats are not the same.

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                    <center><table width=80%><tr><td><font color=000080 face="Verdana" size=2><font size="1">quote:
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                    </font><font size=1>Originally posted by Alexander's Horse on 05-10-2001 09:10 PM</font>
                    My major weakness is I played SP for too long. The strats are not the same.

                    <img src="/images/blue1.gif" width=100% height=1></font></td></tr></table></center>

                    My major weakness is that I listen to AH,finbar and Deity too much.

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                      Mine are exactly those described in OzzyKP's and drake's posts above!

                      Crappy warmonger (no aggressiveness + pretty ignorant about battle odds) + carelessness with techs = sigh!



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                        i have a lot of weaknesses, from small to big ones, from detailed to strategical. Even when i know these weaknesses, they are hard to compromise. mostly having to do with the fact that they are created by conflicting interests. an example:

                        It is very important to get as much land in the game as possible. You should try to block of your opponent with horses fortified on mountains. There comes a point in the game, where your opponent starts bribing your units. It is important that you have enough units doubled on the mountains before this happens. My weakness is, that i can not yet optimize this keypoint in the game.

                        The conflict is:

                        1. You want to move many units in enemy territory to claim land
                        2. Therefor the units are not fortified. so where exactly is enough land?
                        3. If you have decided where you are going to block, when will you start doubling them? will you double units and leave other spots unblocked, or do you block all locations with the risk they get bribed?
                        4. To optimize these 3 points prove to be one of the biggest success factors of the game. All the game is about is population = land. Strategicking may say otherwise with his advanced tactics, but I have yet to see them work.
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                          I agree with you land is the most important aspect of this game. The idea is very simple, cut off your opponent long enough to gain an edge. However, the reason I don't get many bribe games, unless I'm in a game where I'm having to fight back due to a bad start, is that I've cut off the main resources early on. The horsemen are not just to go out and get huts, anyone can do that. They're to go out and find your opponent fast enough to cut off their expansion early on. On average I build 4-6 horsemen very early on, and that's ALL I build early on. By the time I have the entire map explored I still have about 4 horsemen left usually which I then use to harass the enemy. As far as choke points, they're nice to have, but that also implies that you're setting for an amount of land. When I play I never stop fighting for the land, usually, unless I'm in a situation where I have to close up and start building. Just because you get a choke point, that doesn't stop a briber. It only takes 1 trieme. The real way to stop a briber is to never let them grow. In order to bribe you have to be a republic, that means sacrificed speed early on. Unless they get a really good start, they can't make up for it, it's why markus needs time to build up on 2x2x. The choke points definitely help, but they're not the key. The key is their cities. First of all keep them off the coast. To do that all you have to do is harass them. Explorers and horsemen are cheap and fast. If they have to defend every city they build before they build it, you've put them back a long long ways. Next, take explorers and double them up, then go fortify on wine, gold, gems, etc. Anything with a defense value that is high in GNP. Next, destroy the roads. Take horsemen, and just go pillage everything. No roads=no trade. The key to all this though is to know which cities to put on using horsemen and which to continue building settlers so as not to sacrifice any expansion, your greatest ally. If you settle for the choke points you're going to lose. Even with a small bit of land bribers all still effective. Use the choke points as defense, but don't rely on them. Of course the real trick is to not lose any units and make your first horsemen go the entire game.


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                            1. I have a real talent for not being able to find my opponents early.
                            2. Every land direction I explore is a dead end.
                            3. I can't seem to build many cities fast no matter what I do.
                            4. I lose 75% of all situations that are "50-50"!
                            5. In any MP game, I will be the first Civ found.
                            6. Whatever strategy I choose in an MP game, it will be the one my opponents are praying for.
                            7. Murphy has a grudge against me.
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                              Actually Murphy has a grudge against everyone. He was actually a physicist, you know. Murphy's law is just another name for the second law of thermodynamics. It's sort of like this. See, at any given instant there is a huge number of possible things that can happen in the universe. Most of these things are bad. And while there are many ways good things can spontaneously go bad, there just aren't many ways for bad things to spontaneously fix themselves. Ever sweep up a broken glass, and found that it has reassembled? In short, since the vast majority of possible outcomes in any given situation are bad, well, the odds are bound to catch up with you.

                              On to my glorious weaknesses.

                              1. I hate ICS and ICS like playing styles. I'm not that bad at it, but I just hate playing that way. And this of course means I won't ever get real good at that style, which is probably the best. I will rarely build more than 30 cities, and will often settle for much less. I make up for this a bit by sticking with Deity.

                              2. I'm shy about hut popping early on. I gather that Eyes can afford to concentrate on horses early on, because the tribes and settlers he finds more than make up for building horses instead of settlers. (Must suck for him when he builds those horses and finds he's on a hutless island, but every strategy will have some drawback.) But I jus hate being delayed on my way to Monarchy. I figure I'm good enough to catch up without the early huts. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

                              3. Physics, Phamily, and the Phreaking national guard take me away from Civ too much. The first two I love, the third being a necessary evil. Aside from that, I often have a tough time finding beople with my taste in rules. In short, I will never be as good as someone like Arii, because I don't play enough. (Not that I'd be that good any way.)

                              4. All who hate the camel must die die die DIE DIE DIE !!!!!!!!!!

                              Sorry, I guess that was off the subject, wasn't it?
                              The camel is not a part of civ.
                              THE CAMEL IS CIV !!!!
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