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Things I could have done if I didn't spend all my time playing Civ

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    So what would you have done with your life if you hadn't spent all your time on apolyton? hmm??
    "There are not more than 5 musical notes..." - Sun Tzu
    ...and we build an Academy for this guy... :confused:


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      GRE, what's that?

      I would probably have finished my thesis by now...

      Hey, wait a minute!? Come to think of it... Civ has enabled me to hold off the work routine and continues to do so!!!

      Thanks Sid!!!



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        Originally posted by Alexander's Horse on 07-28-2000 02:13 AM
        Sneak, still haven't got those nude photos of your girlfriend you promised me on icq. I'm checking my E-mail every day. What's your girlfriend's E-mail address? Maybe I could get em direct off her?

        Hmmmm....tempted to insist upon an exchange, but you DO have three kids...haven't you gotten my recent "Animal Kingdom" pics?
        Ms. Sneak is very modest, after all...unless she's been drinking that is.

        Bring it!

        "Do not act as if you would live ten thousand years. Death hangs over you. While you live, while it is in your power, be good." Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)
        Life and death is a grave matter;
        all things pass quickly away.
        Each of you must be completely alert;
        never neglectful, never indulgent.


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          Well, let's see...

          There's the dividend checks I would have from investing in Microsoft and Cisco...

          I could be Mayor of my small artificial town and curouse with the Elk club guys...

          I might have won a local yard award if I had gotten around to planting some of those flowers I raised by seed...

          George W *might* have picked me for his VP if I'd paid more attention to the editorial writing and gotten on some talk shows, then become a chief-of-staff for a former President...

          I hear there is a Man-to-Mars opportunity I missed out on... I was *this* close, but I had to finish this CivII game I was in.

          Oh, and don't forget that lonely Miss America! I might have been Mr. Right, had I been in the "right" place at the "right" time.

          But no, I was playing Civ... The history of the World is changed, all for a game...

          Proud participant in GameLeague...

          Proud Warrior of the O.W.L. Alliance...
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          Civ2 Demo Game #1 City-Planner, President, Historian
          Civ2 Demo Game #2 Minister of War,President, Minister of Trade, Vice President, City-Planner
          Civ2 Demo Game #3 President, Minister of War, President
          Civ2 Demo Game #4 Despot, City-Planner, Consul


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            I'm kind of interested in the non-British responses because Australian traditions are strongly influenced by the Brits and for them and us, games are the stuff of life rather than a distraction from it.

            This is probably why "sport", or more accurately the watching of it, is often described as the Australian national religion, as neatly summarised by this bastardised hymn from my childhood:

            Sons of God
            Hear His holy word
            Gather round
            The Sydney Cricket Ground
            Eat Big Ben pies
            Drink KB (a beer)
            Then go home and TV (the replay of course)
            Allelue Allelue Alleluia!
            (another version ends, In the Nude! In the Nude! In the Nude! Ya!)
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              Originally posted by Ming on 07-28-2000 08:31 AM

              Well, If I wasn't moderating, I would be posting and surfing Apolyton anyway. That's why they asked me to do it in the first place

    'd also be a lot more loose in the OT
              Who wants DVDs? Good prices! I swear!