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Songs they should have put into Civ 2

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    Fur Elise - Beethoven
    Moonlight Sonata - Mozart
    Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Straus ...never mind, it's in the Alpha Centauri video
    The Blue Danube - Straus

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      Successful alliance "it's not unusual"

      Sneak attack by AI in peace-treaty: "You've lost that lovin' feelin'"

      Nuclear strike on your city:"Burn burn burn, in the ring of fire"

      Nuclear strike by you on an enemy city: "The Big Payback" (from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels)
      "Wait a minute..this isn''t FAUX dive, it's just a DIVE!"
      "...Mangy dog staggering about, looking vainly for a place to die."
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        The Rocky Theme! I'm sure it's appropriate somewhere...
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          When a spy plants a nuclear device: Sex Bomb featuring the bull from Wales, Tom Jones!



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            Beatles' "Revolution" when changing governments
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              I thought someone else had already listed Sabetauge by the Beastie Boys???

              If you open diplomacy with the English, you should hear London Calling by the Clash.

              Mindless wave attacks by Fundamentalist AI governments could be accompanied by the lines from the old Doors tune Five to One:

              they got the guns, but we got the numbers.
              gonna win, yeah, we're takin' over, come-on!

              COckney - that song is from before Madonna was even born. I think it was before I was born too!

              Hey, its Tom Jones' birthday today! He is 60, which doesn't sound as old as it used to. How use could we use It's not Unusual or Beautiful Balloon???

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                How about:

                When you're giving away techs in occ - Give it away now (Red Hot Chilli Peppers!)

                When you're clicking end turn all the time at the start of a game - Time (Pink Floyd)

                When you're going to war - War (the theme from Cannon Fodder)

                PS: does anyone have a copy of that song? or a copy of cannon fodder with the song at the start (inc vocals!!)???? i've got 2 copies but neither have the song with vocals?!!? anyone,help?????
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                  While paradropping - Free Falling (Tom Petty)

                  When you decide to research espionage - I Need a Dirty Woman (Pink Floyd)

                  When Barbs appear - Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf)

                  When you've got one city remianing in a bloodlust duel - In My Time Of Dying (Led Zeppelin)

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                    "If I had a rocket launcher," when enemy jets appear overhead, attacking your musketeers.

                    Jim W


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                      Sten -

                      If you use HiRes or a number of other mods, Beautiful Balloon could be played at the construction of a Zeppelin.


                      City goes into unrest: Panic in Detroit, David Bowie

                      Global Warming: Black Planet, Sisters of Mercy

                      Nuclear Attack: Cities in Dust, Siouxsie & the Banshees

                      Opening music when you launch the game: Shake the Disease, The Cure

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                        how about Dancing in the Streets for WLTxD - and have the option of your favorite version - Mine prolly would be by Mick Jagger and David Bowie
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                          A few more from the Cure:

                          When you finally turn off the Heralds and Throne room: Pictures of You

                          The theme for the Apolyton Strategy section: the opening to Just Like Heaven 'show me show me show me how you do that trick...'


                          Elvis Costello's song he wrote about diplomacy games: (What's so funny about) Peace, Love and Understanding

                          When you are a happy democracy in a war: X's Country at War from the cleverly titled album 'Hey, Zeus!'

                          When you finally research alphabet: ABC from the Jackson 5
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                            would it be possible to make a scenario using triggers to actually make something like this a reality?

                            Who wants to do it?
                            The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                              DaveV-Hmm...a music-in-civ2-thread, why didn't I think of that? :P

                              My nominees:

                              -When your unit (of whatever sort) attacks a fortified enemy, with less than one movement point: "Theme From Mission Impossible"

                              -When you have a revolution, and switch from monarchy to communism: 15-second burst of machine gun-fire, followed by a loud THUD!

                              (okay, so it's technically not music...but it worked for the Soviets, didn't it?

                              -When you switch from monarchy to republic: "French National Anthem", with 5-part gullotine counterpoint

                              -When you switch from monarchy to democracy: first five seconds of the "American National Anthem", cut-off by "God Save the Queen", and a computer-intervention forcing a return to monarchy

                              -At the launch of an over-seas colonization effort: They Might Be Giants "Women and Men"

                              -Any attempt to retire before the end of the game: Queen's "Who wants to life forever?"

                              -Using the UN Wonder to justify "peace-keeping" nuclear strike: Sting's "Message in a Bottle"

                              -Using submarines to launch said peace-keeping strike: Sesame Street's "Rubber-Ducky Song"

                              -When you're last city falls in an mp duel with makeo or ming: Rosanne Bar's Rendition of the American National Anthem

                              (think about it...

                              "In nominae ephermera, et spiritus abscondita, veni!"

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                                When you conquer the world- We Are The Champions Queen

                                When a units dies- Another One Bites The Dust Queen

                                When you raise taxes- Mony Mony Billy Idol

                                When a spy finishes a mission- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cindy Lauper

                                When you conquer the world- I Think I'm Alone Now Tiffany

                                When some one tries to invade a city but can't- U Can't Touch This MC Hammer

                                When you raise taxes (again)- It's All About The Benjamins Puff Daddy

                                When you build a city on tundra- Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice

                                When you and another civilization are the lst on earth- Just The Two Of Us Will Smith

                                When you invade a city that's undefended- Money For Nothing Dire Straits

                                When you accidently attack a unit you didn't want to- Oops! I Did It Again Britney Spears

                                When you win the game as either the Russians, Romans, or Celts- Pretty Fly For A White Guy Offspring

                                When one of the female rulers attacks you- She Drives Me Crazy Fine Young Cannibals

                                When you're all alone on an island- Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely Backstreet Boys

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