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    I have used CivConverter to convert old scenario files (for the original Civ2) to files that are compatible with Test of Time. My problem is that a few of these scenarios are modpacks with a few custom sounds. I do not know where to store these sounds so that they work with my scenarios. ToT is automatically resorting to the default sounds which makes for some pretty interesting combinations (i.e. a new horse unit making an armor sound). Any ideas?
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    yes but that's not a problem =)

    ToT Rules.txt have new option for units sound !
    u can give a sound for each units.
    make a copy of the "@unit sound" (something like that) section of the "original" ToT Rules.txt
    then paste it to your scenario rules and edit it to give good sounds to each units.

    and as u can do it, dont hesitate to had more sounds to enhance the fun of the scenario

    as for Civ2, scenarios sounds must be in a "sound" folder into the scenario folder

    For Civ2-ToT conversion u must pay attention to 4 things
    Easy to change even if you have never create scenarios.

    1-Sounds, add the section at the end of the rules.txt then edit it to give good sounds to all units

    2-Units graphisms, ToT mirror units graphisms then units move to the left. So edit the bmp units file and give to all units a "right" move look (sorry for my bad english)

    3-The tech "Invention" in ToT change cities graphisms to the last cities slot of cities.bmp (the "renaissance" one call "modern alt" in Civ2) if the invention tech slot is use by the scenario, edit this cities slot (copy/paste)

    4- ToT Terrain1.bmp use all the 3 terrains slots
    there's 5 type of terrain for each terrain slots
    3 "normal" 2 "bonus". u can just make copy/paste or change a little the graphisms between each 3 terrains to give more variety to the terrains of the scenarios.


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      Can you rename the new sounds and overwrite the originals in ToT?(after backing up originals of course)
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        rewrite ? heuuu... yes if u want to change the sound of the "original" game, you can, just make backup of old wavs but these new wavs could maybe not be "appopriate" for some others scenarios... if u want to change "original" game sounds, put new wavs (not with same name as the old wav) to original "sound" folder then edit the sound unit section of the "rules.txt" of the "original" folder (give the new sounds to all units u want)

        just put new wavs to the "sound" folder of the scenario, then edit rules.txt of the scenario to change unit's sounds.

        If it's not clear, download a ToT scenario and look at it, look at the rules.txt (the unit's sound section is at the end of the the rules.txt) but u'll see thats extremely easy to change sounds.

        u can find some ToT scenarios in my website

        PS: If u play web-scenario with ToT u should make this little change:

        Backup "original" folder (ie Copy_of_original)
        in the "original" folder (not it's backup) delete all *imp.bmp files and all *.spr files: so u 'll desactivate all animations (terrains, units) and the "original" bmp of the civilopedia.

        If u want to play ToT games and scenarios with animated units and terrains again, copy all file *.* of the "copy of..." into the "original" folder.
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