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    The 16 year old one pissed as well?`


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      Hmmm trying to think of a brilliant lie about my screen name...

      I can't think of one so I'll be honest....I borrowed it from my mother, because my usual screen name had already been used at this site.
      She has a all black vagabond cat named Merlin. So she used "Mercatia" as her stage name she's was a belly dancer.

      My real screen name is Misticati. I can't tell you what that means.


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        Nothing mysterious or clever here. Just an old college nickname, which evolved over time to its present form.

        I was a long distance runner and my RL first name is Jack.
        --> Jack Rabbit.

        The dash at the start keeps me reasonably near the top of most computer-based alpha lists, which is occasionally convenient.
        Apolyton's Grim Reaper 2008, 2010 & 2011
        RIP lest we forget... SG (2) and LaFayette -- Civ2 Succession Games Brothers-in-Arms


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          which is occasionally convenient.
          How so?
          -->Visit CGN!
          -->"Production! More Production! Production creates Wealth! Production creates more Jobs!"-Wendell Willkie -1944


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            Control characters and punctuation are first alphabetically...
            The first President of the first Apolyton Democracy Game (CivII, that is)

            The gift of speech is given to many,
            intelligence to few.


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              For checking your post counts so you can time important announcements for when you change status and get your own avatar. Or maybe that was just me on my VP acceptance day...

              Back to the ROOTS of addiction. My first missed poll!


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                When I came here my first choice Thucydides was taken. I registered as don Don (shortened from Cheech & Chong), but within a month thought up Straybow. The version of UBB didn't allow change of name, and I didn't want to kill one account and start another. As soon as a version allowed the change I did so.

                Thucydides and Strabo were Greek historians. Straybow is also a play on words, a "stray bow" being like a loose cannon but not so dangerous.
                (\__/) Save a bunny, eat more Smurf!
                (='.'=) Sponsored by the National Smurfmeat Council
                (")_(") Smurf, the original blue meat! 1999, patent pending, and (except that "Smurf" bit)


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                  I considered a nick. I also considered a tattoo.

                  Call me dull or paranoid but I wonder how my various names and passwords will develop over time; I wonder if 20 years from now my internet credit union will know me as "LordLaser" when I require a loan.

                  Also, I don't need an alias because I'm neither very famous nor very dangerous.

                  Nicks are fun though, and a way to project an (imaginary) image. You can invent your identity.


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                    You could even invent to be Sean Lindstrom


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                      I was tired of being Irwin Buggsplat, the game loser. Diplomacy matters. I need a nick that tells you I'm everywhere with tanks, so when I'm cowering you just know it's a bluff.


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                        When this site evolved and I joined, I figured it wouldn't amount to much, so instead of taking the extra time being clever, I just used my initials. Good thing I was wrong.

                        It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
                        RIP Tony Bogey & Baron O