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    When i;m looking at the Civ 2 map screen (the one where you move your units) over on the right hand side beneath the world map it gives me some information. IE

    9,810,000 People
    AD 1781
    3947 Gold 3.0.7

    What is the 3.0.7 telling me?

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    I believe that is your tax/sci/lux rate. But, I could be wrong. Never noticed that before. Kewl! I learn something new every
    Yep thats what it is but it reads; tax/lux/sci.

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      But the gold amount is surely an error
      The journey itself is the thing~Odysseus


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        Why do you think that the gold amount is an error? Didn't you ever have about 4000 pieces of gold in 1781 AD? When he was able to get about 10mn people, I think then he might also be able to get so much money (In fact, I don't think that's very much, but in most games I actually don't reach it because of economic problems (rush-buy etc.)...
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          In MP I usually stay broke (rush-build) to keep in front, but when I play SP with AI, it is easy to get a large treasury built up. If you get large enough, you will even find a limit to the amount of gold you can have!
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            Sure there are times when I have much gold for some specific purpose. But otherwise I like to keep the "peoples gold" working for them rather than sitting around in the Royal Treasury.
            The journey itself is the thing~Odysseus