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  • Huge Maps

    Installed civ 3, realized prudy quickly that my computer just couldn't manage it

    So therefore I installed my old Civ II instead, without extentions, just the old mud-version
    I seem to remember that there was a way to get those huge maps even to that version(huge = 500 * 500 or something).
    But I can't find any possibility to do that on the current civ II-sites.

    Can any old civ II-fan out there help me with that?
    Or am I just senile and confuse civ II-maps with Call To Power-maps or something

    Grateful for any input

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    Look for Julius Brenzaida's No-Limits Add On. That expands the limits of what the game uses, including map size.
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      What kind of computer do you have?
      Hold my girlfriend while I kiss your skis.


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        Maximum size of map 32767 squares, no 500x500 !
        Ant itís only for MGE or TOT. But yes, my add-on can do that to you.
        You can find it at apolyton, civfanatics, the cradle of civilization and some other places too.
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