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Can't play all of the scenarios!!!

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  • Can't play all of the scenarios!!!


    I have the german multiplayer version of the best game of the world. But I have a little problem. I can't play scenarios, if they doesn't include *.ger files instead of *.txt files. OK, I can play them - but not with the new rules etc. only standart rules are working.
    Who can help?


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    Oh, I forgot to tell you: I tried to rename the files, but after doing this Civ crashed...


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      At the risk of being naive - your English seems to be good enough to perform the translation - the .ger files are simply German translations of the .txt files EXCEPT that certain key words stay in English if you compare your own .txt and .ger files you will see which is which and should be able to translate the .txt files in line with those that you already have - and then post them here for other German speakers to enjoy!

      Good luck!

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        I have German,English and French copies of everything in the support folder including rules.txt.

        Is there a way to change the language.What happens if I create a new support folder with just the German copies of everything.If I remove the support folder and insert my new German one will the languages change?Or will I have just killed my game?
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          I doubt it will help but it seems to work.German(.GER) or French(.FRE) files have to be changed to .TXT and some files- .DAT and units,icons etc must be included in a "new" support folder.Probably just as easy to translate.

          I do,however, have French and German Versions now.For what, I'm not sure
          The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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            Thank you all!
            I'll try to transform the *.txt files - I hope it will work. I've had a look at the files and can't find a difference (ok, the language is different, but I think that is not the problem...) I don't know, why it doesn't work .
            Maybe I made a mistake... try again...



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              Render - if it still doesn't work you may want to post your question on the Scenario League or Civ2 Creation board here at Apolyton. There are several good German scenario designers and I am sure they can give you a quick answer.
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