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    In game mechanics, what are the benifits of We Love The * Day?

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    This one's asked quite frequently. There are several threads such as; that will give you some tips on what it is and how to use it.
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      Depends on which form of government you are in. In Monarchy/ Communism/ Fundametalism your trade increases to the level of a Republic/Democracy (meaning an extra trade arrow per worker). For midsized cities, the trade that you put towards luxuries to get a WLT*D can often be recouped by the resutling increase in trade.

      In Republic/Democracy, your population will increase 1 per turn as long as you have extra food available. This is a powerful tool for growing your population, a must for doing OCC.

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        lol Tom!


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          OK, that helps. What are the peramiters for achieving WLT*D. Or what do i need to get it?


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            You need at least half the citizens in a city to be Happy, without any Unhappy citizens. It takes two luxuries to turn an unhappy citizen to content, and two luxuries to turn a content citizen to happy.


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              Visaggio - Welcome! You might want to post questions like this in the strategy forum; there are regular discussions of the nuances of WLT*D. There are also a ton of old threads in the archives that deal with just about every topic; when I first found Apolyton, I think I spent the first couple of weeks just reading old threads! (but never feel like you can't ask a question that may have been asked before)

              Ming might be able to move this thread over to that forum as well...

              Be the bid!