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    Could anyone help me with changing one of the Civ's names, etc.

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    go into the rules.txt
    you will find the leaders and civs near the bottom.Its fairly straight forward.They even included a couple of civs-Arabs and Incas.Simply replace an existing civ and leader with yours.

    Next:if you added your own custom name:go into the city.txt and locate the list of cities for the civ you are replacing.Change the name to the same as your new civ.You can change the city names if you like.The Arabs and Inca have their own city list allready.

    you should make back up copies before you start fiddling.Its fairly easy to make changes to pretty much anything.
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      there is also the easy way:
      start the game->new game and customize your tribe/leader/...

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        The problem with the second option is that sometimes it resets itself to the one in the rules.
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